World of Warships Funniest Memes 10

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The newest and funniest World Of Warships funny compilation made of my live streams is finally here! Funniest Memes 10

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  1. 0:10 what voice is it ? lol

  2. lol Great vid Daniel!

  3. my man where is my used songs section ? 🙁

  4. This film is a funny meme
    Good job Dani-chan

  5. Stranger Things theme was so fine in that scene that I’m still laughing…

  6. Dani you are sometimes just lucky person🤣👍Great and funny new video 😅

  7. I love this serie – thanks Dani!

  8. Jaime Gonzalo Elices

    Pretty great

  9. Are we ever gonna get song names in the description?

  10. 2:40 panthom AA defense??

  11. What is the music at 2:54? (the japanese jazz tune, not the stranger things theme)

  12. Ese Daniel es todo un personaje 👀 ojo me gusto la parte de la canción de ataque a los Titanes temporada 4

  13. why i am here. love this.

  14. Japanese music is still wonderful!

  15. ahh ye the spining lag planes ‘3

  16. Thanks, Daniel. You made my day.
    *Techno Beats Intensify*

  17. 5:08:

    >Daniel plays Hindenburg
    >puts Azur Lane Richelieu’s beach skin

    A true man of culture.

  18. Ethan Gavril Moreno

    Some times, when i play World of Warships, i said to myself “THIS GAME IS NOT FOR WEEBS” x2

  19. Is that Asia or Europe ?

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