World Of Warships Funny #14

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Just delivering my next funny compilation right on schedule as promised!!!


  1. deserves more subs

  2. Jaws Of Fury MAC:TM

    Sounds like Aircraft Carrier gameplay just got interesting

  3. My favorite wows channel

  4. Juan José Arango

    6:13 u citadeled a german bb… mission imposible

  5. Oh and instead of one punch man is One Shell Ship

  6. u know azurlane is good game. i agree, i was playin

  7. Bro you are getting good at editing these. Keep it up

  8. man this is the peak of YouTube gaming. love your vids man so keep up the good work. 🙂

  9. Stop using my exact playlist that I listen to when playing WoW for background music! Lol

    That Hiroyuki sawano( aldnoah zero/attack/etc), myth and roid, raccoon loli OP.

    Keep it up love these weeb warship videos!

    • What is it I wanna find some new songs ^^

    • What playlist?

    • +Future Warships just look up on youtube Hiroyuki sawano SO many playlists. Best are vocal works, and anime OST ones. Not really playlists for just myth and roid but if you look them up and start playing them. If you click on my name i have a playlist called Anime music and all of those are said playlists that i found.

  10. Except you played blitz against bots ???? lol. It gets harder the higher tiers you go cause you always get handed crap teammates who hate capping so one must bear the burden of kill all. Lol Nice to hear running in the 90s beat. 🙂

  11. If anyone should get a diamond play button it should be you

  12. I see you you put rise from the rising of the shield hero and also great video

  13. An eye for an eye 8:15
    Also every vid you upload gets better and better 🙂 keep up the great work

  14. Lmao. At 0:47, that was my reaction too when I got 1k dubs from a Halsey final task Supercontainer.

  15. Beg RNG for luck please, I got f*cked up with “try your luck”

  16. Oh and at 5:44, thanks to you, I now love Infected Mushroom Guitarmass. One of my favs.

  17. Thanks for another epic video, keep going 🙂

  18. Since several updates ago projectile cam has been laggy in client (both shells and torps), I’m recording them and I have the same frustration lol

  19. How the hell you end up in a tier 7 match with Hermes

  20. Классное видео, некоторые моменты не смешные, но под пиво зайдёт. За аниме тяночек — лайк)))

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