World of Warships Funny #16 *TRAILER*

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This is the trailer guys so stay tuned for the real one that is coming soon!!!

The intro music is the ost from Aldnoah Zero and the other one is the opening of the anime Domestic Girlfriend 🙂


  1. Chiki Briki comrade. I suggest doing some bias meme videos ?

  2. Hey, that’s pretty good

  3. Bad Anime… Good opening

  4. im here for the music intro

  5. This just butters my egg roll

  6. me like very much pls do moar t y <3

  7. 近日公開は草

  8. TopThrillAnthony

    This is the content I suscribed for.

  9. Detonation/?
    Your life is very sad

  10. I love the sound of Detonations in the morning

  11. Michael Søndergaard

    cant wait. been waiting SOOO long for a perfect laugh

  12. Um… I actually remember that Kurfurst detonation 😀

  13. oh come on the bloody gap wasnt even wide enough to fit through with an izumo you op rusky

  14. So, not waifu material but at least (domestic) girlfriend one?

    Weebo-stuff Hell yeah ~~

  15. Ipatchy Makouli

    I remember detonating a FULL hp Tirpitz as Ryujo… Somehow I felt really bad for him x)

  16. Опять этот анимешник, пили видос давай. (жду)

  17. 10/10 opening gg xD

  18. come on!!!!!

  19. 待ってたのぜ( ᐛ )

  20. Thiago Santiago

    i don’t even play, and like your videos ahahha, keep going

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