World Of Warships Funny #23

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Aaaand without further ado I present you the next wows funny video.
You can see some new ships being played as well as using a lot of new tracks and memes.
this compilation is made from the best moments i had in weeks so i hope you really appreciate it!
There is everything you love – torpedobeats,brawls,memes and many more!
So what are you waiting you for, go and have a blast watching this one!


  1. gg nice video bro 🙂

  2. if you’re a german and you can sing every damn song from the Video

  3. What do you eat for breakfast
    German battleships: cruisers and BB

  4. And thank you for teaching me all kinds of neat strats lol

  5. I love the fact that you used The Last Airbender music in the Mogami part

  6. what do you think about 128mm German secondaries not needing IFHE to pen once that IFHE reworks releases?

  7. that guepard robbed your kraken
    Deleting moskvas is my favorite part of clan battles

  8. Anyone got any tips on murdering the new UI, like what Daniel did to that Devonshire?

  9. This is literally my Spotify playlist.

  10. Lol first 20 sec I’ve done the same thing before

  11. You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by, a smooth copystrike


  12. daaaaammmnn did not expect that Avatar The legend of Aang song… NICE!

  13. Rip Daniel, sued to death by the Jackson estate /s

  14. The first clip is why I wish WOWS had a kill cam

  15. 3:45 Taking a huge bet that the Amagi would be a potato.

  16. I’ve been waiting for this sooo long

    Keep it up Daniel

    Greetings from Germany

  17. 2:35 is the most lit song in this whole thing and you cannot change my mind

    Avatar the Last Airbender is literally the best

  18. Michael Søndergaard

    fan”bloody”tastic as always. seems to me, that the one ship your not so good at torp beating in is the geogia bb. hahaha
    Omg how i hate the space camo. just as much because i dont have it myself. but the sound from the GF secorndaries on one of the clips agaist the moskva sounded awersome.
    and haha. getting that dd with your torps from bb. loved it. unreal.

    again well done my boy:-)


  20. 2:36 that avatar song made me ????????

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