World Of Warships Funny #25

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Do not worry boys the new wows funny is finally here with more memes,songs and of course anime songs!!!


  1. Radiation Studios

    WG be like: Next update, Agir doesn’t exist!

  2. [Ein-Mann-Panzer Gesellschaft]

    Why 6th comment and I’m disapointed in myself, I haven’t played Azur Lane today. Thanks for reminding me. And also you just remind me how terribly depressing my skill is. Good.

  3. WG after the next update: what is Ägir?
    playerbase: 🙁
    playerbase: >:(

  4. Anyone kwon what music played on 3:20? (Shazam cant find that song)

  5. This is getting out of hand now there are two of them

  6. Alex Blazquez Velarde

    Ah yes, the JoJo references

  7. Aviation Gaming1564

    I’ve always wondered how you dealt with shell dispersion

  8. This what makes my day

  9. I love the “Problem gelöst” in the second you kill shimakaze with Siegfried (it was triggered by using the repair party) but it means “Problem solved” on english… so it was fitting so well

  10. Francisco Rodrigues

    Daniel:posts new video
    Everyone on youtube:hapiness noises

  11. I’ve liked it already even though I haven’t seen the entire video yet

  12. The strange feeling of watching the vid and realising you were there when that happened first

  13. Destroyer: Fires Torpedos’
    Daniel Russev: You Dare Challenge me Mortal

  14. 13:35
    -> dev strikes the Östergötland
    -> Speaker “Problem gelöst!”

  15. Finally, he finished watching Jojo

  16. No one:
    Me: How can I survive this?
    Daniel: I can do that while I sleep,well,almost
    Well,that’s a destroyer. With a battleship is this a really big problem

  17. Annihilates Östergötland: “Problem gelöst!”

  18. 8:50

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    AL players: why do I hear boss music?

  19. Still love when you dodge that torpedo

  20. all other shima players:
    The shima is running away from the enemy, a shameful display!
    Tenno Heika Banzai !!!

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