World Of Warships Funny #26 – Awaken

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Hahaha to be fair this turned out to be more of an wows EPIC moments more than wows funny moments but i still hope you will enjoy it just as much!


  1. Last time I was this early there was no russian bias

  2. Commando23414221998

    Absolutely cracking music choices from League, Daniel!

  3. Everyone be gangsta till Daniel Rusev targets your ship.

  4. 5k subs without videos

    Nice vid as always with perfect music choice

  5. I guess, that Daniel likes League of Legends music ^^

  6. The nice thing is, is that if you build for secondaries you also build for aa

    • Yes but even with that plane will still have a fun time farming you

    • German BB shred planes nowadays I noticed. Especially if you mount auxiliary mod upgrade, to make your AA more durable

    • Narajan Husic Secondary build include most of the aa skill and upgrades that you would use on AA build but be sure that if the carrier wants you dead you have no chance

  7. Which achievement did you get?
    Daniel: yes

  8. 6:10
    Those moment…
    It’s better then sex. Definitely.

  9. Oh the DOOM music. i love it.

  10. Дима Напреев

    When “cowabunga it is” meme showing, Daniel activates a John Wick mode

  11. Video like this make me want to download the game again, but then I remember why I uninstalled and I get a wave of nausea

  12. Some random dude giving Daniel Rusev grief for drinking alcohol. Hilarious. Attacking Slavic people for their drinking is like attacking fish for having gills.
    Heck, I think the main reason the East converted to Christianity, rather than Islam, is the latter’s prohibition on booze.

  13. 3:22 ok bud, that geneisenau was just bad. like how do you screw up, THAT much.. he fired twice, and you fired like 5 times AND he had bigger guns, which most definately could’ve penned… that was totally on him

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus

      @Mithridates when rng is just like ur ex

    • RNG can sometimes totally screw you over in this game. I remember once playing a Kongo firing at a broadside Iron Duke at about 4.5 km. I got 2 overpens, 2 ricochets and 4 hits on torpedo bulge (so no damage from that) twice in a row. in another game I played New York, aimed at waterline of a beached broadside Kongo 5 km away and all shots fell short. it’s totally hilarious at times 😀

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus

      @Th. K. just like your ex,she thinks of u all the time only to screw u over and over xD

    • @Th. K. preach.. I have very bad luck with my Bismarck. RNG has made me fail easy full broadsides at 4Km as vertical dispersion throws my salvos as bad as batistuta in the world cup.

    • @Th. K. You think that is bad. I had a game in my Fuso a few years ago, three salvos at 6-3 km range at a broadside Pensacola. It still stood after that. The shells were going everywhere, but where I aimed at. Over the ship, under the ship, RNG really hated me on that day.

  14. *Gneisenau’s* *Captain*: SITUATIONAL REPORT!
    *XO* : We spotted enemy battleship! Looks like KSF Odin. Badly damaged and we outnumber it 4 to 1. We are being supported by Nurnberg, Tirpitz and USS Baltimore, the last being badly damaged as well!
    *Captain* : Good, estimate range and open fire.
    *XO* : SIR! Odin is broadcasting on all frequencies! Its….. music *Captain* : …. Lord have mercy on our souls…..

  15. 16:05 i am that mino…. pls forgive me for my autism 🙁

  16. That bit at the end, my wife is 500% more likely to have a crisis when I’m playing than any other time of the day.

  17. “The unsinkable ship doesn’t exist”
    “Yeah, but daniel does”

  18. Can´t wait till i finaly get my sigfried, currently grinding those fing researchpoints

  19. No mention of the cameo by StatsBloke, Killerbin, and Painezor, though.

  20. i gotta say this now, As much as the new Star Wars trilogy was a complete shit show in terms of quality, the actors did their jobs well, expecially Kylo Ren

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