World Of Warships Funny #27 – There are No Such Things as Friendly Torpedoes

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This is the biggest video i have ever made so please do enjoy it to your heart’s content!


  1. FreetheBrain WoWs

    Classic xD

  2. People when they detect Daniel. Demonic presence detected

  3. Տςհɑեեҽղsեüɾʍҽɾ

    See you in the next Video Daniel and i hope you are going to hit the 100k soon ✌🏽 *salute*

  4. Love when people make long videos, its so much easier than surfing through YouTube for like 20 minutes, also, im not sleeepinnnng!

  5. Ppl pushin b: *happy face*
    They sees one bb: *happy face*
    But its Daniel: *surprised pikachu*

  6. ” Cowabunga It is ” with the Globin Slayer ost…… You’re a Man of culture Daniel =) great vídeo xD

  7. Nobody: “finally, i can master your torpedobeat daniel!!”
    Daniel:” 5:50 (doing the torpedobeat, in REVERSE)”
    nobody: “im done with this game”

  8. Beginning of video:Cowabunga it is
    Me:i know where this is going
    Daniel:*6 Citadel hit
    Me:yap, *PERFECTION*

    • As soon as the Roma started charging I went “That Roma is dead.” Not even because of Daniel’s skill. it’s just the Odin. but then he didn’t even use torps and I made a poggers face.

  9. When that dude said don’t push i was like “he’s literally carrying the team dont tell him what to do”

  10. Mega ender dragon

    6:20 was that our polish hero, Stachu Jones?

  11. Dani: “Torpbeats is too easy. Let’s do it in reverse”

  12. Wouldve loved to see that Smolensk getting some citadels back from your shikishima

  13. 8:23 crazy looking submarine

  14. 27:09 9/10 my shots would have all missed or just overpenned.

  15. 8:22 Rusian submarine confirmed… ✌️😂

  16. Somewhere in hell, 2020.
    “Mein Führer?”
    -“Yes Admiral Raeder?”
    “We have found footage suggesting an easy way to make the Kriegsmarine dunk on every other navy in the world.”
    “Put it under bulgarian command”

    *furious scribbling noises as Hitler takes notes in his bubbling lava bath*

  17. Wargaming logic be like:

    WG: *makes OP bote*

    Also WG: *Nerfs it into the ground because it’s not Russian*

  18. “GK don’t push”. This guy clearly never had fun in this game.

    • I never listen to anyone telling me not to be aggressive when the situation perfectly calls for an aggressive move. People who usually talk like that are the bottom feeding trash of the game, all the more reason not to listen to a noob.

  19. 8:30 this is the flying dutchman

  20. “Now remember kids: the friendly mr. Torpedo isn’t anyone freind anymore once he’s out of the torpedo tube! “

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