World Of Warships Funny #28

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Oh boy here comes the new funny! Prepare yourselfs because there will be way more coming and very soon!!!

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  1. It’s 0402 for me and I was about to head to bed but then I saw that this was premiering.

    “One more video and then I’ll hit the sack”.

  2. When you dont have a pc so wargaming forces you to play WoWS: Legends instead ;-;

  3. “Tachibana L” : GREAT !!!……Thanks for Playing + Showing low Tier Fights.
    And one thing… Pls don´t hide the Minimap behind these Pictures. Put them in the upper left Corner ?!?

    • He hides the minimap to avoid being streamsniped. Those aren’t just recorded snippets of replays they are snips of his livestreams

  4. Always happy to see a new Daniel Rusev video out.

  5. FreetheBrain WoWs

    Well, I’m almost on time xD

  6. 20:30 cut scenes of Sith revenge – Anakin Skywalker in the temple hanging out with the 501 Legion

  7. Kunakorn Hasegawa

    I’m a simple man I see graf spee I click (and rusev’s video)

  8. I’m pretty sure when Daniel hears “German CV” he thinks, “German Floating Airstrip surrounded by Destroyers”

  9. 24:00 that moment when you realize that Mikasa can soak torps like a sponge ;_;

  10. トキサキクルミ

    Songs used for those who wants it

    0:00 Ride of the Valkyries
    0:49 Goblin Slayer OST – Main Theme
    2:18 Shadow Fight 2 OST – Old Sensei
    3:26 東方 Eurobeat – Space Cowgirl [A-One]
    4:46 Darling in the FranXX OST – Invader
    7:19 Darling in the FranXX OST – Despair
    8:05 Meteor – Anytime Baby
    10:52 Meteor – Fear the Bones
    13:27 COOL&CREATE – Night of Nights
    16:33 Hiroyuki Sawano – Layers
    17:49 C-CLAYS – 愛しき影法師
    18:03 Fractal Dreamers – Scarlet Night
    20:34 Idk… really. Maybe some Kpop mashup?

    • @Daniel Rusev Well if you would just list the darn songs yourself…

    • @X Critic In all the videos I did the number of people asking for the songs didnt decrease. Even here there are still tons of people asking for the songs despite me pinging this comment…Instead of taking hours to list songs with tim stamps I better continue the edit of the other video…And 99% of the time shazam works anyways…

    • @Daniel Rusev why would listing the songs that you know you used take hours, couldn’t you just write them in order of appearance in the description, don’t even need timestamps really. Also I don’t think people would ask so much if you had done it from the get-go instead of doing it because they asked for it. But its your channel after all, do what you like with it, I don’t know much about making vids.

    • 日本人いてはったんか

    • I knew I recognized “Defender of the fleet” with the CV stuff 🙂

  11. ShepherdOfMemories

    Hehe. I recognise this from the editing stream. Its definitely a new perspective and i like it.

  12. Василий Сахаров

    3:15 “Problem solved, sir!”

  13. 9:40 if that was me attacking Slava, all of my planes would be shredded within 5 seconds

  14. 10:41 ironic… he could save others from planes, but not himself.

  15. twitch viewers: hey i’ve seen this before
    youtube viewers: what you mean? this is brand new

    • Thats why People have to join his Streams, cause witnessing the Tachibana vs Mikasa Game first Hand was simply hilarious.

  16. WG: We surely will nerf German Aircrafts, but the time has not yet come:)

  17. When I hear the ride of the valkyries , i can already smell the napalm from this morning.

  18. All other cvs: hide from enemy ships or die immediately
    German cvs: WhAt Is HidINg (proceeds to machine gun down a battleship)

  19. Me: *has a demon girl pfp on discord*

    Daniel: “mind if i use that”

    Me: “Sure but make it count”
    Daniel at 8:23 : “Time to sink my teeth into them”

  20. 20:20 What is the name of this movie, please?

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