World Of Warships Funny #29

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I had so much extra material from the last funny (#28) and with the addition of the few new moments I managed to make another vid and as you see it is a full fledged funny compilation. Rejoice guys i managed to give you 2 episodes from the funny series in less than a week. This is definitely a record for me when they are more than 25m each.
Hope you will enjoy the new memes and music!

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  1. Wow, its like being at the movies. 🙂

    • @Philip Leiser oh. I heard that years ago in a far away land people used to congregate and watch movies on a gigantic screen with snacks, beer, and even weed sometimes. There was a large number of seats and people sat near each other to view the movie. Sometimes other activities went on. But I dunno, it’s just a myth.

    • @Will Kelly You can still do that, but you have to sit in your car now…at least we have that option here. ‘MERICA!

    • That music, is that… nano? Damn Daniel

    • @Philip Leiser u have drive ins? I’m in Northern California, I heard about one on the radio but it was showing Caddy Shack. It was an ok “movie” but not really my preference.

    • @Will Kelly Yep. I’m in northwest Ohio, and we still have one. Nothing first run yet, but Star Wars is still a big draw.

  2. Please please put in the “I am Damocles” clip from Ryse: Son of Rome in a future video Daniel, it’s badass and suits so many situations 🙏🙏🙏

    • @Michael Søndergaard Ikr?! You can imagine can’t you, a Kurfurst or Stalingrad blasts someone then you see the enemy teammate behind them
      *Damocles intensifies*

    • Michael Søndergaard

      @Vincent Rees i can SOOO see it. just you sailing the GK and eliminating someone and then this blast out of your speakers toward the enemy ships behind it. DAMN!!!!

    • @Michael Søndergaard tell me about it, whilst we’re here, favourite ship?

    • Michael Søndergaard

      @Vincent Rees dont play so much anymore, but bismark or GK. love the brawling aspect of them. might be that i die fast but i have fun while doing it.
      beside that i think the ship i play the most is t6 nurnberg. U?

    • @Michael Søndergaard I don’t play much either now, but Hindenburg is definitely my favourite, with the PEF a close second. Just so versatile and I get a kick out of Yammies or Sinops underestimating them.
      And I see you’re a man of culture as well 😄

  3. Տςհɑեեҽղsեüɾʍҽɾ

    As always, good Video Dani, keep it up ✌🏽

  4. 7:26 im italian and i love sap 😀

  5. i love the sound of the shikishima cannons !!

  6. Krishnan Ramakrishnan

    Does anybody know what the song playing at 8:17 is ?

  7. Venezia: – It’s called “tactical kill securing”

  8. Now Wargaming should remove carriers from Rusevs account since he can breathe and think at the same time and thats too op

  9. 25:45 Music Plss!!!


  11. someone please i NEED that clip in 00:28

  12. Pls say the name of all the musics in the video, they’re all good.

  13. 10:05 song is Awaken (League of Legends)

  14. 7:24 why do I have a feeling I know exactly where and what that image came from

  15. Now I want to know how salty they were for even Daniel to blur it.

    • The mvr is just too good and it doesn’t matter if the player is bad, it just becomes better when a good player plays it.

      Unlike me, i’m horrible at cv’s.

  16. That “AP next time bro” lol

  17. 0:29 oh my god is that person i think!? XD

  18. Someone's Youtube Username

    At 0.25x speed. Salt status: witnessed!

  19. 16:50 song pls? it’s awesome

  20. Dooooood, Daniel, that morphin talking picture of the Japanese Emperor was SO FRIGGIN GOOD!!! HOW TF WAS I NOT SUBSCRIBED????

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