World of Warships Funny #30

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I am happy to say that I finally managed to finish the edit on this guy. It is the longest one that I have done so I really hope you will enjoy it even though It is bunch of cool moments and not so many extra funny ones xD

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  1. Damn Daniel really got the whole squad laughing and dying at the same time. Frfr.😁😆😆

  2. Me after watching this:
    1. Reinstall WoWs
    2. Mount the best signals and camo on GK
    3. Jump into the battle
    4. Get focusfired, torped, dive bombed and literally massacred even before reaching secondary range
    5. Uninstall WoWs again

  3. like a vampire is on of my fav music tracks its classed as nightcore and perfect for the gk

  4. No no. I made those sounds, too, when I heard about the secondary buffs.

  5. 4:47 damn, that happens to me a lot

  6. After watching video
    Me: Laughs at how bad I am. Then realizes how much luck is in the flukes I do.

  7. 35 minutes that’s the longest video he’s released

  8. 17:43 Yoooo, is that some motherflipping Alstroemeria Records I hear there?!

  9. please, i beg you, send the list of music you used int his video

  10. me: watches a video
    after the video: laughing too hard to even exist

  11. WG : we are planning to increase the base seconmdary armament firing range for mayority of BB
    Grobber kurfurst and Pommern : BUM BAM … BADA BAM BUM …. POW !!!!

  12. 10:23 Megas XLR …. Daniel, you did dig deep for this one, right? 😀 That cartoon was FUN 😀 Perfect reference 😀 Mad props. I pitty all the plebs who have no idea about this reference 😀

    That Zao…. I facepalmed my keyboard multiple times.

  13. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    *Plays Yamato*
    *Shows Atago*
    *Confused confusing confusion*

  14. Uss Arizona / Yamato

    Danial: Exists

    Enemies: Why do I hear boss music

  15. 7:11 Yo what is going on with that 3rd turret? LOL

  16. Man, where’s the shoutout to that Lion who was basically super teammate in that middle of Two Brothers brawl? He was a boss helping out there 🙂

  17. atleast azur lane collabs make sense because they are basically ships (atago etc)

  18. Daniel, getting 7 Overpened shells: A SHAMEFUL DISPLAY!
    Also Daniel, literally seconds later, getting FIVE GODDAMN CITADEL HITS IN ONE VOLLEY: _HONOR REGAINED!_

  19. Me: about to go to bed

    Daniel: another one ☝️

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