World Of Warships Funny #31

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Yes it has been a while boys and girls BUT the next funny compilation is finally here and I am super happy about how it turned out. There are TONS of memes/pushes/epicness/waifus and much much more.
And yes it may or may not be foreshadowing a Yolo Emilio.exe…

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  1. I love the Seconds from Disaster documentaries.

  2. A true Daniel Rusev video has at least 1 Banzai, 2 German Bois and memes. This one has fit all of these categories.

  3. 10:10 the song is nightcore of the vampire

  4. Daniel, please don’t do this to me. It’s 6:30am and I’m trying to sleep

  5. 5:39 Taiga Aisaka aka “Palmtop Tiger” . Toradora my fav romance anime.
    Also… Rascal does not dream of bunny girl Senpai.

  6. Daniel Rusev, the naval equivalent of a warhammer 40k commissar.

    “- Bring them closer, I want to hit them with my secondaries !”

  7. Виктор Перфекционист

    Зачетный видос, улыбает, с юмором и позитивом. Лайк+!

  8. Ok sooo the first part made me laugh because I was expecting a night vision filter and two I was head banging to the original DooM soundtrack but still it was funny and look I didn’t have to correct you on any of your spelling lol

  9. Ok the singing Stalin is terrify

  10. On a scale of “are you insane” to “dew it” how would y’all recommend Shikshima for a person who is a trifecta of crusier destroyer and battleships

  11. What’s the song at 7:00 ? It sounds a lot like Dimaa but I dunno

  12. Hindenburg is like “oh,your a battelship? name every naval battle!”

    10:15 *me pointing at screen* i have seen this one!

    normal people who only watch daniels youtube: how? its brand new!

  13. Whole lotta people in this vid need to learn to angle and not sail in a straight line.

  14. 6:45 – 9:36 do someone know the name of this song ? Is it “Moments (Instrumental Mix) by Nielson Ludge” ? If it is in fact ”Moments (Instrumental Mix) by Nielson Ludge” do someone know where I can find ?

    I love your videos Daniel ! They are well edited, the music are in the most part awesome and the gameplay or funny moments showcase in the video are really entertaining to watch. (Sorry for my mediocre English, English is not my primary language)

  15. Stalingrad has no citadel, cuz is Яussiаи

  16. Love the content and know the feeling personally. When the team leaves a whole flank never goes well. Daniel inspires me to push against the odds sometimes. Love the vids and the effort you put into them. Keep up epic vids.

  17. 13:30 just fascinates me, because it perfectly exemplifies the difference between a PewPew Citadel pew player, and somebody that understand the game:
    1) first try to take out the big threat – the Kremlin’s (B-turret barbette cause can’t pen face). Unfortunately 2 attemps, no sauce… This is where some players commit to death, especially when having a poor trade off. (I am not even sure if this was Daniel’s intent, or just intended to bring the Kremlin’s player off-guard by trying to bate him in a false sense of security. In all cases, the win-win)
    2) Then, observing that the bow/end is not saturated yet, plummet in a full AP salvo into the bow just to secure that hull HP! Bonus, such a chunk unsettles the Kremlin player because suddenly his/her ship isn’t as high and mighty as it was a second ago.
    3) drive as close as possible so the enemy can’t dunk his shells in your soft hull because Kremlin can’t depress her guns enough;
    4) dunk shells in the citadel: cause low ride Petro, and at the proper angle.
    Maximum damage done in the split seconds you have to make maximum use of Petro’s assets. Not only Meme-OP-ship, but also making good use of it.

    I am far from being a Unicum player, and have little experience with what these TX can do, but I (try to) recognize what is happening.

    • This is surprisingly accurate spot on to what I was doing tbh so congrats man.
      Also going in so close make me able to ram relatively ez if things go south as a plan B xD

    • @Daniel Rusev Well Jeesz, Daniel. You make me blush… I’m just a filthy casual with 1.6K that at-least tries to become decent at this game. I wonder If I started 4 years to late for it though.

    • @Tuning3434 Naaa. At the very least you have the mindset of someone that has the mentality to become good and observers better than most. Personally I am the instinctive type…All the things you see me doing here is done without much thinking which is from my aggressive playstyle I suppose.
      Just play and try to get better…Stats aren’t everything anyways

    • @Daniel Rusev Well lets say I don’t do anything without the intention to fail. I generally try to absorb this stuff such that it becomes instinct for me too. I just pointed it out because I feel to many WoWS players don’t want to acknowledge why and how people win a confrontation.
      Sad thing is I have to learn this stuff from youtube, because when I play BBs lately, all the higher tiers have already melted away in their duels even before I can get into a position that can be maintained. “Like, atleast try to get in a position so you can gain some intelligence data and not get hit by every single HE cruiser on the flank. You don’t have to die 6 minutes in, if you do it 12 minutes in you might have given your better team-mates the time to get in defensible position. No team-mate can save you if you can’t pass it past the 5 minute mark on yourselves. ”
      I even wonder if in those washes that are all to common nowadays, the other team is that great themselves, but that is more a case of who turns himself into a bulls-eye first.

  18. The ahegao spaghetti is difficult to notice for the ones who weren’t in the stream xd

  19. A Seconds from Disaster meme in World of Warships? I never thought I would see that happen.

  20. “Where is the Citadel?”

    Have you tried Sevastopol? Seems as good a place to look as any.

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