World Of Warships Funny #32 – Torpedobeats Are Back On The Menu Boys

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this time it took me longer to upload it but finally here it is. Yes it is a bit more on the epic side than the funny one but this has its own spiciness to it!
Also made sure to include a lot of torpedobeats in this wows funny, like A LOT, and no CV gameplay too, DDs instead. REJOICE PEOPLE because there are a ton of new anime girls/music and memes!!!

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  1. Bro I’ll never get tired of your videos. I mean this video is a memastepiece that should be kept in a museum. So keep up the good work Captain. Fair winds and following seas

  2. I can officialy say that i commeneted before you

    Even from you daniel

  3. Daniel is a cultured man with all the Waifus he puts

  4. PetroBALANSK – WG’s balance ship xD

  5. FreetheBrain - Best of Twitch

    As the live chat wisely put it – POI.

  6. Nobody:
    Enemies when they here the Alicorn theme start playing from Daniel: I guess I’ll just die

  7. First clip:-
    German BB almost does dev strike to cruiser with HE
    WG: wait! Is this the new meta??
    Daniel russev: always has been

  8. Gaenox V. ବ୍ଲେଣ୍ଡର

    You’re firing to a broadside Izumo and calling him peasant?

  9. 9:08
    destroys a cruiser with 50-40 shells
    There is one actually

  10. “Cvs are op. They can burn down a focused target. Pls nerf”

    Meanwhile Dani with z-52:

    • have you seen what the majority of cruisers do from behind islands? and they dont need the target to be isolated. honestly people cant complain about cvs, they arent that good, and i know youre not saying they are here, but nevertheless i felt the need to write this :’)

    • @Yan N yeah. Smolensk, worcester, atlanta, flint, helena. Cvs are already balanced, but no one looks at the rest lol

    • Not really that OP..

    • @Tatsuya Shiba When I play tier 10 CV I get a stable result in terms of damage of just 50 K, with 200 K- 300 K in terms of spotting damage. However, a cruiser is enough to screw me up, smolensk isn’t really a threat to me actually, the halland is, as its AA range is bigger than its concealment range. The only way for me to kill a halland is by teamwork with teammates, which may or may not happen, by spotting the halland first then let cruisers radar and shoot continuously until it dies.

  11. Whenever DR used the Thunderer, *Laughs in British*

  12. lol tier 4 battleships in a nutshell
    my friends heard the music now they think im a weeb
    girls und panzer nice

  13. Ahh, classic Daniel is back again.
    3:16 Oh, hi Fubuki.

  14. Prinz Eugen sinking the Bismarck. Ironic.

  15. What was the music’s name in the clip where you killed a Conqueror with a Petro? 10:20

  16. Василий Сахаров

    Video: starts with Odin shredding Trento on little pieces
    Daniel during this: *”Odin is with us!”*

  17. NegotiatorGladiarius

    Yep, I can confirm it. Listening to eurobeat increases one’s chance to dodge torpedoes by 50%.

  18. “And we say, ‘bye bye!'”


  19. That’s what I personally like about the Odin. This Ship slows down quickly.

  20. When Daniel using soviet songs somewhere Stalin said: “Very nice, comrade” “good job”.

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