World Of Warships Funny #33

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A new compilation full of epic and funny moments is once again here boys!
Also stay tuned for new content like the Twitch Funny that will be dropped soon!

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  1. “the rng moved my mouse” lmao xD

  2. Hi, how EU community reacts to planned change of commanders’ perks? On CIS server fire is seen from the space.

  3. FreetheBrain - Best of Twitch

    I have nothing interesting to say, but the memes were good as always. 😀

  4. “RNG moved my mouse” *I think it moved alot more than that*

  5. Me: Sees a GUP character in WoWS.
    Also me: *Is Azur Lane Jean Bart not that cute? HERESY!!!*

  6. Who’s the chick at 4:39? I’ve seen a lot of memes with her in it

  7. whoever that person who disliked must have been one of DR’s victim

  8. 4:45 cant wait for daniel to realize that he deleted the *shortcut*

  9. 4:00 I was the Tirpiz, im really sorry ;D

  10. Jimmiar Reltherford

    Can we talk about how the dancing Zero Two was just what my eyes needed??

  11. When an MvR takes out a full health Halland with only secondaries… oof

    i’ve met one of the classified CV’s

  13. okay so my best guess with the Zao scene is that one shell ctadeled you enough to put you below 75% hp and then you detonated

  14. I wish I could post and edit like this……

  15. Daniel: hallad can’t depplane me if i dont launch my planes

  16. I smile for the first 6 minutes. Then I see the cv play and leave angry.

  17. I hate to be the weird one, but that Zero Two background GIF tho…

  18. I need someone to tell me how to get that desktop backround

  19. 22:00 CV taking down a DD. righteous.

  20. There was once a time when CVs feared Des Moines… in the good old times… with actually AA that worked… my gosh im getting old!

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