World Of Warships Funny #34

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A new compilation full of even more epic and funny moments is here boys!
More Torpedobeats, More Citadels, More wtf situations, more waifus and memes and many many more…

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Yazoo don’t go instrumental
Devilman Crybaby OST
Catch my heart eurobeat
Avatar OST
Requim of Battle of Italica
Metal Gear Solid theme
Naruto OST
FMA sad orchestral
Forget me not – Patrick
IJN WW2 military march
Owari no Seraph battle theme
Devilman Crybaby OST
Free Epic anime strategic music
It aint our time to die
Fear the Bones


  1. am sick. day bad. daniel upload. day good.

  2. Poor GK being powercrept hard every update.

    • A shame, I know she…well, was anyways, a really powerful brawler in the past, with secondary range for days.

    • @Dragon359 one of my matches using IZMAIL in Word of Warships legend PS4
      I just killed an enemy battleship right into the citadel 5 times and i use the
      U.S.S.R ships because american BB are
      S L O w
      And the U S S R BB,s
      Are ironclad and superior AP pen many ap shells are bounce of at my BB

    • @M Fadillah here we are talking about something else, you come up here bragging with how well you did in PS4.

    • @Dragon359 so true
      While the secondaries are somewhat saved on other ships, the French is never gonna be the secondary ships it once was.

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA 😔 Ok then

      Always being this back then

  3. You know, every single time I take a short break from WoWs Daniel posts a video and then I have to play it again…..

  4. Dont go asking for songs bc all the songs are in the description

  5. Данило Гецко

    6:18 We have an anonimous Aang`s fan

  6. That CV duel Daniel 😲 Did think you could pull it off!

  7. GK is literally th equivalent of Stalone In WoWs

  8. The song playing from 8:20 to 9:06 is from Fullmetal alchemist soundtrack 3 track 16 – Dancing. in case anyone else dont feel like searching for 20 min

  9. me: *trying to have some good scores in game*
    Daniel: *gets in the same match three times in a row and in the enemy team.*
    Me: *I have a bad feelin about this*

  10. Jesus Christ, dat Z-44’s massacre, CVs duel – it’s so epic. God bless you sir

  11. 1v1 CV
    Daniel : “Why play with aircrafts?”

  12. Stop hitting smolensk blindly with torps in smoke, that’s why for wg it’s balanced

  13. thx daniel for the musics

  14. As long as there is a secondary ship to be played, there will still be a Daniel Rusev

  15. 6:33 I had to rewind and check several times to confirm it. You really did detonate that Kagero with one secondary hit!

  16. 1:57 my man Stallone spitting facts

  17. man, everytime i hear “Awaken” it’s gives me nothing but chills. i absolutely love the energy of the song, even though ‘m not a fan of League…. this song. *chills intensify*

  18. Insta-like when it started with the song from tango and cash

  19. YT Streamer dank. someone posted “hoshit, Flamu! we gonna lose” we did. suck teamwork.

  20. Tracks from League of Legends, interesting.

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