World Of Warships Funny #35

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The new and most epic wows funny compilation is finally here guys. Sorry it took me longer than usual to post this but I had been hit hard by the skill rework in terms that the game is rly boring now so getting material has become rly hard… This is why the video is shorter than usual as well…
Still I am pretty happy with how it turned out so I hope you will enjoy it too!

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  1. World of Warships - Best of Twitch

    Also you can expect a new Twitch funny soon in collab with us. :3

  2. I’m a simple man. I see Roon, I click

  3. I see light cruiser, my BB say 7 CITADELS, perfection.

  4. CV was an impostor.

  5. Oke, anyone knows what music starts at 2:48 I need that in my life

  6. *Epic “Bella ciao” starts playing
    Me, an Italian main: “I shall adopt that Shima!”

  7. Данило Гецко

    How WG makes money:
    1) Take t7 researcheble ship
    2) Then make it premium
    3)Put result of this manipulations on t9
    4)Use Pay – to – Rico sell plan
    5) Get the profit!!!

  8. Ah yes, the salty carriers who think they’re god, love getting torped by them so it gives me a reason to light them up

  9. 11:25 Dame Dame time!
    Sorry for Spoiler

  10. You no how bad richthoven is if Daniel starts paying haku

  11. Is that a song from miracle of sound at the 3 minute mark? One he made for assassin’s creed: valhalla?

  12. Miracle of Sound? The crossover we needed!

  13. What’s the music at 7:47?

  14. “this is disgusting” made me spill my coffee.

  15. What’s worse than an enemy CV is a traitor CV.

  16. I came for the music… and you didn’t disappoint.

  17. I really appreciate that dead haku torping teammates, cos this will make this game die sooner.

  18. Why don’t you put the music in the description?

  19. someone knows what the third song is called?

    edit: it is Valhalla Calling

  20. 3:46 Taihou or Shinano would have been a better fit for the waifu, but Kaga still works I guess

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