World Of Warships Funny #39 – Torpedobeats, Citadels & Balance

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Another funny compilation with even more Torpedobeats, bakanced russian ships and a lof of ciatdel induced devastating strikes from big guns!!!

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Music used:
IJN march of the BB Gunkam machi
Virus Epic Bethoven Version
Melo Melo Meltdown
Baccano – Guns and roses
Bleach ost
Song of the Crocodile Gena nightcore version
Sakkijarem polka nightcore
Pravda – The Red Army is the strongest Rock version
Kantai Otome
Hellsing OP
Russian Dance music
It aint our time to die – Apex
Bayonetta ost


  1. I hope you will enjoy this compilation boys. Not gonna lie I wasnt sure how I want to edit most of the moments here so it may feel a bit odd compered to the rest. Tried to lit the spark of randomness in the memes from the old videos too so I hope I succeeded XD
    Also I put a lot of effort to meme the sponsored part this time so I hope you have at least smirked 🙂

    If you wanna get the gaming browser:

  2. World of Warships - Best of Twitch

    The Opera GX ad was lit though 😀

  3. New funny moments huh ?
    me: ok i finally have something to do on my online lesson

  4. Persona Millenia

    Wait till he get his hands on Hannover and begin to dominate in brawl and crawl situations

  5. That opening shot made me laugh harder than I ought to – I have been on the receiving end of those type of shots too many times. But last weekend, doing naval battles for my clan – I took a long shot at Alsace (the only red ship spotted so far) and obliterated Donskoi. 4 citadel hits from Musashi guns will do that.

  6. Павел Попов

    Finally, Yamato for weaboo

  7. Why when people see that a DD is shooting them, they don’t stop or turn to avoid the incoming torps xD

  8. Евгений Бондаренко

    Песенка крокодила Гены, это пять 🙂

  9. Ipatchy Makouli

    Can’t find 26:38 in the description T~T
    Also “Bayonetta Ost” and “Burner” are pretty vague.
    That Opera GX tho, a bit forced but editing was nice xD

  10. Dear Daniel,
    As cool as it is to see you run around blapping ships all video, it gets a little boring. Could you put a few more fails into your montages? Thanks.
    – A long time subscriber

  11. Хахах) крокодил Гена одобряет песню)) 10:13

  12. 10:30 I’m sure that gneisnau had a fun time 😂

  13. 29:15 proud to see my boi Farid Bang making a career as a meme beyond Germany lol

  14. The Yamato:
    Great Harmony (name definition)
    Great humor (this video)
    *Great BOOM* (also this video)

  15. Me: *using Opera since months*
    Daniel: *makes an ad for them*
    Me: ah i see you are men of culture as well

  16. Mercer the Gamer

    I never thought I will see Yuudachi gameplay with the original hellsing OP, nor the fact that I needed it.

  17. Dani would order a plane to land if it had hip-shaking Zero Two on it.

  18. 21:15
    Best seat in the house and shit your pants moment lol 😂

  19. Wow a sponsor that’s not actually raid shadow legends. Good for you!

  20. 15:55 has to be the best clip in your funny World Of Warships

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