World Of Warships Funny #40 – Devastating Strike

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A new funny compilation is here so lets go beyond plus ultra on the memes!!!

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Music used:
Nightcore – Are you ready for this
Bayonetta ost
God bless you eurobeat
FMA Dante ost
~Believe me you dont wanna know this one so move along~
86th – Your answer ost
French anthem
Elevator music
Red Alert 3 soviet theme
Sea Shanties
We Dont sleep at night nightcore
Endless sleepless night eurobeat
It aint our time to die Apex legends ost
Wingman ost
The red army is the strongest nightcore


  1. If someone is interested in the offer at 7.00 you know my Dms XD
    or not kappa ehehehe we will never know

    I hope you liked this compilation even though it has been on the shorter side I put a lot of effort in it and I am really happy how it turned out so enjoy!

    Install Raid for Free ✅ and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days!

    • First clip he wasn’t sitting broadside…. His engine was knocked out don’t think he had a choice

    • Николай Шабусов

      Испанца не трогать, он умер недавно от болезни

    • @Brian Mahnke 1st he was siting broadside a lot to me and a few others. Just when my shells connected he started to turn away bit too late…
      2nd as u see he was full HP and no his engine was fine. If it was knocked out a smoke and fire with specific pattern would camo out from the funnels and it didnt

    • 2:53, I remembered a song “Are you okay?” from NEFFEX.
      “Are you okay? Are you okay? I’m so fucking far from being okay”

  2. mega ender dragon

    Legend, you came back when we needed you the most. Keep it up, @Daniel Rusev

  3. *FINALLY!*

  4. 12:03
    Wait… So… It’s the explosion radius of the bombes which killed the DD ? xD

  5. People when they see Daniel in Grosser Kurfurst: 😱 starts trying to run* exposes side* Daniels insane reaction time* Devastating Strike*

  6. You make the “just dodge” meme look real xD

  7. yah that Shima + Kita game was hella fun ^^
    also nice play with that Paper

  8. 9:50 how i love this song

  9. Василий Сахаров

    WG: nerfed German BBs to utter hell

    *Daniel: still drives GK like a champ*

  10. 7:00 the best opening ever. Go watch the anime guys

  11. 3:45 what was going through his head must of sounded something like “load the gun load the gun load the gun LOAD the GUN load the GUN LOAD THE GUN LOAD THE GUN!!”

  12. This moment when you watch this Video and you think i will take GK too and devestate everyone but you fail completely

  13. D_Russev the only one were the G.K Looks like an Op- SHip ^^ 😀 Great vid

  14. Madtoffel Premium

    Thanks for going back to 20 minutes, half an hour is just too much of the same. I think the 10-20min length is optimal.

  15. Imagine getting the RNG for a devstrike :(((((

  16. 0:31 RIP to the man who made the best laughing meme

  17. Jakob Raphael Schmidt

    Daniel: *Packs Großer Kürfürst*
    Make more.

  18. You know, how in tier 6 there is always the obligatory Nürnberg to explode?
    It’s the heavey tier 8 Cruisers in Tier 10

  19. Luis Pedro Bredariol

    Daniel, if you dont mind, could you share with us your specs and commander skills for the GK ?. Sorry to bother, have a nice week and thanks for the quality videos

  20. Lewis Abercrombie

    2:51 idk why but every time I see that laughing gif it makes me laugh super hard

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