World Of Warships Funny – 40k Subs Special

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The long awaited wows funny is here guys. Now with even more epic and hilarious moments, even crazier toredobeats and of course a slight pinch of WTF situations!
You wanted me to make longer video again so here it is. Behold the 22m video made especially for you!
It has been a long road coming from nothing to where I stand now and it happened thanks to you guys so you have my eternal gratitude!


  1. Graf Zeppelin in the beginning?? I love this video already

  2. Congratulations Daniel I hope this will keep up..

  3. Yure worth much more subs

  4. Loremaster Yn'Taris

    An excellent and well-deserved milestone!

  5. Other CCs: “Gneisenau bad”
    Daniel: 13:22

    • @Daniel Rusev they are actually quite good. The reason why people think they are bad is just because Germans are a bit harder to learn and many players struggle to get used to. But once you do, you get ships that are straightup poverfull and fun to play. (100% my opinion on that topic)

    • grinding for Gnesy right now
      Scharny on the other hand, will forever be my fav

    • @Daniel Rusev *Sabaton slowly increases in volume*

    • only potatos say Gneis is bad
      change my mind

    • @Ciuy R Gneisenau is really great. My first modern WW2 BB. She taught me a lot about angling and being aware of where my broadside was showing. She punished me when I screwed up and rewarded me when I played well. I had lots of really cool games in her. I gotta buy her back one of these days…

  6. Graf Zeppelin secondary: open fire!
    Gneisenau battle buster mode: activated! Great video

  7. Данило Гецко

    2:40 Shadow Fight 2 – music from this game

  8. 12:00 “the wall of skill”

  9. The Gnei is one of my favorite BB’s.

  10. The German girl on the bottom right side of the video at 6:59. Where she’s from because I have been seeing her in many memes.

    And what’s it that song at 7:40.

  11. Love the look and sound of the intro.

  12. Blue eyes white power

    Yeah im gonna need the music list for this one chief

  13. What was the song playing during the Grosse Kurfüst battle starting at 6:10?

  14. Really love the steady uploads and great quality you’ve been putting into the vids. Keep up the great work!

  15. congratulation Daniel, you made a perfect carry in the last clip :0

  16. 0:11 listen what the Comander says: Wir stehen unter~Jägern in der Luft!

  17. 02:22 , Tsushima war in a nutshell (colored footage)

  18. Those Aldnoah Zero songs just fit so perfectly with the battle, nice work as always, and GG.

  19. I have the feeling after the Buff my Gneisenau finaly hit something.

  20. That last battle, I can never remember the name of the song that played, can someone remind me?

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