World Of Warships Funny #41

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A new funny compilation is here so lets go beyond plus ultra on the memes and crazy edits!!!
We have torpedobeats, devastating strikes, cool music and last but not least the Kurfurst menace with a bit of Russian Bias!

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Music Used:
Vordt Of The Boreal Valley – Dark Souls 3 ost
Nightcore – Niviro Demons
Burning Dragon stage 1 ost
Nightcore – Coming with Vengence
Flowering Night Eurobeat
Naruto ost
Sea Shanties Spanish Ladies
All Your Base Are Belong To Us
The Count Of Monte Cristo ending theme – You wont see me coming
Yakuza ost – Disco Queen
Our Generation Eurobeat


  1. Always love danis vids

  2. С Галкина орео, не ожидал)

  3. You know the sad part about the raid ad?
    It’s not he’s taking it, if you ask me drain that cash cow as long as you can keep but keep asking for more lol.

    Raid is just like any other mobile game, progression which heavily motivating purchases.
    The only thing they did better then most is throwing stupid amounts of money on sponsorships. Doesn’t make the game any better.

  4. KMS Graf Zeppelin

    Touhou music + torpbeats = value

  5. Soy de Mexico pero ahunque no entiendo nada de lo que dices nunca me pierdo tus videos

  6. Dat intro from russian tv show warmed my cold north heart. Thank you, Daniel

  7. Not gonna lie dani I’m a little mad. 13:58 missed a HUGE oppotunity for Mrs. Puff from spongebob saying “Oh Neptune”. Just to put that out there

  8. When you click tab to see a Daniel Rusev on the other team, *instant regret kicks in*

  9. Василий Сахаров

    There’s much more secondary kills that I would have to expect (even freakin’ Thunderer got it too)

    And that calculator clip is hillarious as well

  10. That dev blog with the Russian CV’s part had me in stitches 👌😂

  11. OMG the all your base are belong to us. the first viral meme that noone would get today

  12. That Elbing Kraken though, what a beautiful match through and through. And to top it of, that Somers’ name “Das glaube ich nicht” is german and means “I can’t believe it” Just pure perfection.
    I love the Elbing as well, you can do some nasty flanks with it and the best of all, it slaps the ever living shit out of a Smolensk, a german ship that can reliably citadel Smolensk, oh sweet revenge 😀

  13. 18:35 the funniest part of this: the red player name translated means “I don’t believe this”.

  14. Tle wows dev blog thingy with the Russian CVs at the start… I watched it about 17 times and still laugh at it 😂😂😂 love the editing

  15. David Carpenter

    Finally, some German Science to pump into my veins. Especially after seeing the new German BCs

  16. 403_Kashyap ECE-A

    This is the first time I am seeing a destroyer getting citadels.

  17. Tankdestroyer467

    *”Daniel always makes my day. So bored till he uploads.”* – Sun Tzu, Art of WoWs

  18. I hope you enjoyed the new funny boys. Especially the rickroll part ehehe.
    Once again the anime music and meme collection has been extended for this video!
    Also also the obligatory segments for russian bias and the new ship(Elbing) have been fulfilled xD

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    Install Raid for Free: and get a special starter pack! Available only for the next 30 days!

  19. Madtoffel Premium

    I really liked this one, not too long and finally some new jokes and memes.

  20. Niviro Demons really sounds like Russian hardbass..

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