World Of Warships Funny #42 – The Double OOF

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Another day, another bug and another WOWS funny is finally here!
In this one I chose to return to the basics and featured tons of Hinden and Grosser Kurfurst like in the good old times. We have devastating strikes, tons of secondary kills and double strikes, the crowd favorite torpedobeats as well as memes, cool music and anime girls!!!

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  1. *”OP Pls nerf.”* – Every opponent against Daniel

  2. World of Warships - Best of Twitch

    That London rampage though. That ship is better than Zao even. Truly OP.

  3. Watching Daniel’s Videos makes me Happy. xD

  4. Василий Сахаров

    Daniel’s back must be hurt very much after such a GK carry on ranked

    Same for London game

  5. Daniel playes Marceau and says: Ahh a nice and relaxing kraken is in

    few minutes later WEJE asks: oi do you know what would be nice?

    Daniel to WEJE: no what?

    WEJE: ima slap you with a detonation

  6. 10:00: Deleted Smolensk? Well, that’s an insta-like.

    Also, that London rampage reminds me of one of my best games ever. Same map, with the freakin’ Karlsruhe of all things. Ended up with 7 kills, 1v3 murdering an Arkansas and two Hoshos on my own in the end. (This was before the carrier rework, tbf.)

  7. Put art with a beautiful Negev when you play the Pommern. Ironic

  8. 0:06 that is so satisfying to hear

  9. First I love how the thunder salvo matches to the music in the beginning.

  10. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck

    0:06 the gun firing couldn’t be any better!

  11. Looks like he scared the ship into the air when those shots came “outta the blue” …

  12. Ah, so you’re the reason why WG thinks Zao is ‘in a good place’

  13. Im still trying to figure out where Yall get this dispersion for the GK i can’t hit shit with that ship lol

  14. the saddest parts of these is the fact the video ends. i hope this series never ends. Keeps up the great work Dan!

  15. got hit so hard at 18:52 that the fire timer said “fuck it” and maxed out the time to 9999

  16. 8:17 “But OF COURSE someone else will kill him…”

    Literally every WoWS player: *fIrSt tImE?*

  17. RU an anime lover man, you got so many references for this sh*t. Good job though.

  18. that Genos theme though 🙂

  19. Pappock der Seestern

    12:00 as a german this music was rly funny.
    Its a well known old music. Some young people hear it, when they drunk a lot of alcohol

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