World Of Warships Funny #44

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The New World Of Warships Funny Compilation Is Finally HERE! ENJOY!
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  1. lol never disappointed by your videos Daniel. :)😁😁

  2. Another Great funny video good job Dani👍😎

  3. I started loving world of warships mostly cus of your videos man you always make good ones keep em coming <3

  4. GILGAMESH: Gate of Babylon

    Melhor momento do meu dia
    Quando o Daniel posta um vídeo

  5. Василий Сахаров

    13:42 Kronshtadt: *shows up in Daniel’s new video*
    Also Kronshtadt: *is about to be introduced in Azur Lane*


  6. It might have been antsy, but I’m more impressed you nailed the turn

  7. solution: if there is a submarine just park in A1 / J9 and stay there. It is not worth your effort

  8. 6:14 as a Roma main, you must be hacking

    Please tell me the hacks you’re using I’m desperate

  9. 6:00 ahhh yes, Roma’s overpen curse… I HATE IT EVERY GAME i played with she. But is a tanky, beauty cursed ship.

  10. hey dani thanks man for the way you play cv, i am following your strategies and I have improved my game since.Keep the videos you have our support!!!!:)

  11. Daniel, you are making one shitty day a good one. Again. Please keep up the magnificent work you do!

  12. Slavic NoOb - Warrior

    This guy is my role model.. 😛

  13. That intro…. I loved it!

  14. 5:10 damn at that range you could of boarded that ship

  15. 0:25 BRUH, I broke my ass when I saw that the submarine is a friend of our clan, luckily they’ve already been removed and I hope I never see them again.
    greetings from ES-FH

  16. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck

    6:28 Tetris 99 theme ( I think )
    11:35 Exotic butters remix
    13:45 Red army is the strongest Rock

  17. CV Dani: “do you have a citadel?”
    Ship: “Y-yes?”
    Dani: “can I touch it?”
    Ship: “no”
    Dani: *touches anyway*

  18. Elijah Giles-Jimenez

    I must say that was a wonderful video, I do love all the anime characters you put in your videos because I’m a total weeb. Also I’m a new subscriber but have been binge watching your videos, I’ve also made a purchase of one of your shirts today. The last stand edition tee shirt. Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next video.

    • If you are binge watching all my videos you will notice a few things. Like which seasonal anime I am watching during my first 25 or so videos and the quality improvements of both the game visuals/resolution and my editing XD
      You are among the few that have bought that shirt and I hope you will love it!
      Thanks for enjoying the content <3

  19. 5:43 and here we have the reason why you do not want to get close to a German BB… BECAUSE GERMAN SCIENCE IS THE WORLD’S FINEST!

  20. A great way to balance subs as shown in first clip, is to make the vertical homing a lot more strict
    The subs have to be at operational depth and at 6km minimum to successfully hit their torps from that depth. If they do have to strike from super close, they have to surface completely for it which gives the secondary battery some degree of usefulness

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