World Of Warships Funny #45 – Incomparable Does IT Again

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The New World Of Warships Funny/Epic Compilation is HERE! Enjoy 🙂
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  1. Wait… Daniel, you’re Bulgarian? I am now legally obligated to recommend The Valley of Death by Sabaton to you.

    Regrets will not be had.

  2. Dear diary, today Daniel delivered.

    WoWS with SF OST is so much much better (er)!

  3. That 86k damage at the beginning was sooooo impressive.

  4. 8:08 best rekt i have seen. That more hurts i know what he said 🤦‍♂️

  5. 8:31 Old school Yuro fans will remember REKT XINGTON. Only this time, it’s the other way around.

  6. Браво!Извънземен си 🙂 Не обръщай внимание на лапетата,какво пишат в чата

  7. The dispersion at 6:10 is illegally good. I like it

  8. Funnily enough, F-15s taking off from a german CV that didn’t existed, strafing and dive bombing WW2-era ships is not the weirdest thing that has happened in the AC universe.

  9. 10:19 “There are pilots like you in every generation. And I felled every last one of them.”

  10. 16:02
    I always knew that Daniel is as much of a Combat Specialist as Negev-sama is

  11. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck

    8:16 Butterfly ( not sure what remix)
    15:57 Astronomia
    17:33 Wellerman ( Nightcore Remix I think)
    26:44 The shots fired Are perfectly timed With the beat of the song

    Also HMS Incomparable is like HMS Repulse’s guns on steroids

  12. See, this is why I come to this channel. World of Warships content, spectacular waifus, and Ace Combat references!

  13. Hey Daniel, I’ve been playing clan battles with my clanmates in hopes of saving up for the Shikishima, would you personally say it’d be worth it or do you think I should get something else (I’m a ARP Yamato/C. Colombo main who is way too indecisive)

    • Shikishima is worth it only as a secondary build meme ship for fun. The guns are just way too inconsistent with bad dispersion so you cant play it long range like Yama… I would say go for something else especially if it is for CBs.

    • @Daniel Rusev A secondary meme ship just like it was shown both by Yuro and a couple others huh… Well I guess that makes sense seeing how I got killed from Shikishima’s secondaries alone in a Pommern without him even aiming his main guns at me, if it’s capable of a secondary build then in that case I think I will get it even if it’s not as good as I hope, but thanks for the opinion, I’ll keep it in thought when I have the steel to get one of any ship in the steel armory.

  14. 87,5k in Montana on a broadside yamato was my best max salvo so far 😉

  15. Please understand at just how hard I laughed at the 10-minute mark. The characterization of them reviewing feedback is hilarious

  16. That Doogie Vader or whatever their name was should consider themselves lucky – they’d have had an aneurysm if this had been Daniel’s Secondary Zeppelin back In The Day™:P

  17. Russian? Someone failed school miserably!! Thank you for all the videos Daniel! It warmed to heart to see the FDR bounce out of the water from the last salvo!! Who is the guy in the olive drab shirt with the AK leaned against the wall in the background? I should know who that is, but drawing a blank?

  18. 9:23 … Schliefen CLEARLY has hydro running. And if the hydro spots the ship, it sure as hell spots the torps. HOW DID HE MANAGE TO EAT THEM ANYWAY?!?

  19. Incomparable looks like a ww1 warship just like HMS Hood but with three turrets

  20. Oh man, F-15s took off from German fictional CV, what a cursed sight.

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