World Of Warships Funny #46 – You Just Got JINAN-ED

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World Of Warships funny compilation has arrived! This time we are featuring the new pan asian cruiser Jinan. Playing that guy can be super painful or a super fun experience. it all depends on the situation, your luck and last but not least… Your skill… Because you are essentially a torpedo boat with citadel!

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  1. Double upload today Dani good job and great video

  2. 10:07 I like so much your editing skills when you use this song, that zooms syncronized with the song bro

  3. WG: Repeat after me, Jinan…
    Playerbase: Jinan…
    WG: …Is a new original ship
    Playerbase: Is a new original ship
    WG: Jinan is a new original ship
    Playerbase: Jinan is just an Austin with an asian flag

    • Correction, its actually a Kitakami in disguise…..

    • @1337blackmage it’s been 84 years…

    • Ethan Gavril Moreno

      no, no, they got a point

    • it also has 1 less main gun then Austin and more AA and more belt armor you are pretty much a large destroyer think of it in the same vain as elbing you spam guns from cover or smoke and provide long range torp spam and you can reliably remove planes so try to ambush planes as well because of your AA you can pretty much make a CV not want to strike your flank

  4. Arcs are good for over islands but high shells get harder to land at range, partly from long flight time and partly because they come down at such a steep angle.

    Plus it’s not so much weak armor as much as its made of citadels and paper.

    But yeah a well positioned jinan with a good player in it is a horrible ship to have to push into.

  5. Maybe we will see the overcoming on Italian destroyers without a perk on the firing range?

  6. Where did you find all these people that keep sailing in straight lines like an idiot and why do they never show up in my games?

  7. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck

    1:21 The heal activating is timed perfectly
    1:25 And the gun Firing is perfect with the beat

    8:19 Tetris 99 (I think)

  8. Legend says…he is still playing Jinan even now..

  9. Jinan is just WG way of putting the kitakami into the game in disguise. 4×5 torp launchers with a reload……

  10. Haha that plane at 13:09 it was like all kamikaze to the torpedo

  11. Well, you can see the state of the playerbase with that. A ship that has almost every gimmick in the game to help brainless player to win and still manage to fail and lose

  12. The most ships eating torps are those with hydros

  13. Ethan Gavril Moreno

    This video made me realise that the Jinan is the bane of every BB main’s existence.
    As a BB main myself, i need to adjust my strategy because im dumb af.

    • Tacticool Millenial

      More bullshit from Wargaming. DDs should have a limited number of Torps. Its annoying that they can reload for days. BS. Game or not.

  14. Awesome content as always cheers captain o7.

  15. 1:58 “Everything okay at the C line daniel?

    5:34 daniel_russev “Kraken Unleashed”.

    uhhhh yeah I would say things are fine

  16. Jinan
    -Is Chinese
    -have 12 torps, more torps than Austin that’s stealthier
    -have faster firing pew pew guns with slower shell velocity compared to austin
    -better torp protection than Autism
    -Is Chinese

    in short, the perfect meme ship

    (Yes i do assume that Jinan is Taiwanese because Sejong is S. Korean and the Chung Mu is Korean and the tier 10 PA DD is Taiwanese)

  17. Jinan belongs to the Republic of China(TAIWAN), not the People’s Republic of China, the two are not the same,You can go and see their flag

  18. Its like that ship is made of sticks NGL it was pain using it T.T

    But OP rld speed and torp dmg

  19. What makes me really laugh is Jinan is ROC’s ship but the BGM is DPRC’s

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