World Of Warships Funny #47 – THE RUSH

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World Of Warships epic and funny compilation has arrived! This time we are featuring the new mighty british battleship Incomparable doing some insane pushes. Playing that way is reckless and not recommended but it is a lot of fun when it works. It all depends on the situation, your luck and last but not least… Your skill…

Dive into the madness head first and enjoy!

Btw Some of that Mecklenburg gameplay was during its tasting period. The only difference is that the reload then was 25s and now is 26s!

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  1. Clone Wars reference is appreciated

  2. Ok that U-2501 play was dumb af, cant believe that it worked, i suppose that says a lot about the playerbase. Great video as always, ty

    • Stille_Denkerin

      Ive had this in a game too… it worked. boring af but it worked.

    • I’ve seen it happen a few times before, where 1 or 2 DDs rush the cap and just win because the red team is too dumb to notice. It’s always funny

  3. Great stuff Danielsan.

  4. I really want a feature in the game which has that man appear on the ” Hits to citadel ” box going ” he he HEH HEH ” right after you score a citadel so bad .

    • Need a mod with that plus when it’s a sub 2k hp or so enemy and you score a cit it instead reads “hits to pitydel”

  5. 10:45 an another fine addition to Daniel’s german collection.

  6. I appreciate clips like the Zao one, there don’t have to always be any kills or wins, you still did a good job.

  7. 3:13 and you weren’t rewarded for having the discipline not to do like 95% of IJN cruiser dweebs and give full broadside to fire widespread torps that always miss.

  8. 11:55 actually is the Mecklenburg an Cruiser just in better

  9. StarshipEnterprise

    14:36 here’s the proof that you can do everything to win the battle and earn the least xp while those who did less than you earn far more xp.
    And basicly the proof why saving a star in ranked is unfair.

  10. not gonna lie – a great episode. moar : )

  11. Stille_Denkerin

    Im so glad Ive bought Marine Houshou when she was on sale as captain. so much fun with this voiceover.

  12. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck

    10:50 Disco panzer
    12:37 Big In Japan ( not sure what type though)

  13. 13:00 As a world of warships legends player, WHAT IS THAT RANGE!!!!!

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