World Of Warships Funny #48 – No Plane Shall Pass

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The best World Of Warships epic and funny compilation I have ever done has finally arrived!

We are featuring the new mighty new german battleship/battlecruiser Mecklenburg doing some insane plays and shooting down the pesky enemy planes. Pushing that way into an enemy CV alone is reckless and not recommended but it is a lot of fun when it works. It all depends on the situation, your luck and last but not least… Your skill…

Dive into the madness head first and enjoy!

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  1. Mr.Enderman Cook

    Finally a New funny moments video good job Dani🤣👍😎

  2. It rocks! Laughing my lungs out 😂. Gameplay is good, but what makes the video special is the carefully edition with so many memes.keep the good job!

  3. random youtube Commenter secundar account


  4. Василий Сахаров

    24:28 Looks like Dani is so tired of subs, so he picked up the BB that historically put down the sub

  5. These videos are the highlight of my week. Thank you!

  6. Very well put together and awesome clips as always, editing absolutely on point 🙂

  7. I enjoyed this video very much!

  8. a 30min vid Daniel!? that’s like a whole extra vid in one. what a treat!

  9. lol.. That first CV was me. I remember the pain. Nice video 👌

  10. Say what you want about the state of the game, Daniel’s content is just getting better every day

  11. I love the new memes that you are incorporating!

  12. Daniel with the oldie but still goodie memes this week.

  13. rest in peace, Hindenburg.
    You will never be forgotten

  14. Was having such a great time watching the video didn’t realize half and hour passed <3

  15. I thought of all the memes/clips added in this video, I’d find the one that calls the Jedi Council sub mains the most amusing. But then you had to use that poor friendly DD as extra torpedo protection and be all “get down Mr President.” And as if that wasn’t enough, you topped that with the Natural Selection guy for an 18 bxp Des Moines. Absolutely hilarious entertainment that really brightened my day. If you make these videos all by yourself, I say you have a great gift for finding just the right memes, added with just the right timing, for what is happening in the gameplay parts. And should you have a team of helpers for your video making, congrats to them, too.

  16. The clip with Mecklenburg at about 23:35 is why I dont play WoWs anymore. Submarines ruined the game for me ☹️

  17. 6 full pens on a sub with Mecklenburg for 2.8k damage!!! So 460hp per battleship calibre shell?? Yeah. Good one WG. Historically accurate, despite the fact that a single BB shell through the nose of a sub would turn it into an imploded coke can 🤷‍♂️

  18. @daniel rusev…..this video is awesome. I hope this channel continues to grow

  19. I missed my chance at getting Georgia, ended up getting Flint instead.

    Then Kearsarge arrived and I got her for consolidation.

    She’s a very good ship on her own, but I really want some Yamato cosplay ship that won’t destroy my credits stocks at the wrong decision.

  20. This video was so well done mfg this was pure platinum

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