World Of Warships Funny #49 – Monster Beats

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The new World Of Warships funny and epic compilation has finally arrived!
Now officially having the longest torpedobeat segment out of all my videos!

We have a vast selection of music complimenting the memes and anime as well as insane plays, funny situations, lots of eurobeat and last but not least we have even more of the cute Maid Dani-chan!
Merch with her soon maybe?

Dive into the madness head first and enjoy!

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  1. New memes, new strategy, lots of fun! 😄

  2. Very nice video, like always 😀

  3. Daniel might make a comedy movie of wows next time

  4. Love the new OC art!

  5. I’m a simple person I see daniels vid I like

  6. I love the editing of the video keep up with updates.

  7. Me:
    Does a smooth torpedo dodge:

    Yamato shells flying towards my broadside after:
    Allow us to introduce ourselves

  8. I feel like this episode exists to show off the many many artworks of Dani-Chan.

  9. I see the Alsace chase did not make it in the 10hp survival Napoli clip 😀

  10. 11:38 The only way to make this better is by having Dani-chan holding a mug on that mug where she is holding a mug.

  11. I love this game but suck at it. I’m glad I get to see someone doing well in it. Thanks.

  12. Bravo on the Lord of the Rings clip. Its nice to see some new change ups.

  13. That moment Dani intentionally turns into a torpwall that he can outrun just for some beats. TORPEDO! TORPEDO!

  14. I really love these Dani Chan images. They are fire!❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  15. The Dani-chan image at 26:32 would look good on a mug or T-shirt. 😇

  16. Every time a new danny compilation comes out my song and meme repertoire grows.

  17. The amount of citadel hits he lands is otherworldly… yet if (and that’s a big fuckin if) I land one it’s completely accidental and I’m shocked

  18. You know, with how much the ‘wall of skill’ joke gets thrown around, I am surprised that I haven’t seen any Hole in the Wall jokes.

  19. Nice to see such a long show… loved it. Thanks!

  20. DestinyShallPrevail

    22:00 i find it funny how even his own teammate laughed at him

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