World Of Warships Funny #50 – The Return Of The King

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The new World Of Warships funny and epic compilation has finally arrived!

This is the first time that my beloved Graf Zeppelin has been actually good since the bad captain rework which nerfed the hell out of the secondaries…
I actually had fun playing that ship again and this made me even sadder that I will never be able to play it like that in Randoms ever again…
I made sure to create one of my best if not my best video ever so please enjoy it!

Dive into this secondary madness head first and enjoy!

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  1. Love the secondaries!!! Please join me in logging tickets asking for WG to give cruisers access to the same secondary range skill as carriers.

  2. therapist: Danya-chan isn’t real, it can’t hurt you

  3. GZ is still broken… torps are hard to use against anything that can dodge because of their speed (so getting all torpedo upgrades rather than a secondary build isn’t a bad idea [unless you are just brawling with other cvs]), rocket planes have too few rockets per flight and the planes are too slow /fragile while ap bombs are unreliable, low damage, too few bombs per flight and too long between drops. This ship attracts good players who like the challenge of playing with a secondary build propping up the stats… it is fun but all GZ players end up punching something during each playing session in frustration.

    • GZ is a monster in new operation ! You can break 1k secondaries hits !

    • It does need a lot of love from WG, it used to be absolutely broken back in the day, but it was hit so many times by the nerf hammer that, besides for the meme, there’s really no reason at all to play her. Indomitable has the same issue- a broken CV got overly nerfed into uselessness and has been relegated to a meme

  4. I am amased by how many torps you hit with that torp spread!

  5. the video is great just like the clothes. some weeks ago i ordered the missouri hoodie in gray which accompanied me on holiday in denmark this year. very cool, cuddly and comfortable to wear! keep it up! Best regards from Germany

  6. 6:22 alone deserves an upvote. The rest is good too, but that cracked me up.

  7. GZ Has massive “Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my sword” energy.

  8. Vladimir Valdez Valencia

    Buen video, tu si eres letal con los CV!

  9. You missed “NIN” 9 inch nails inbetween 🙂

  10. I love the editing of the video and keep up the uploading I’m very excited for more videos.

  11. I swear everytime you upload a new video it comes wit a ton of new fanarts

  12. That anime cover of Deutschland has got to be the worst thing I have ever heard.

  13. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck


    Also love the new Dan-chan Faces

  14. Thanks to you, every time I now see you playing the Graf Zeppelin, I can’t help but start humming out “Exotic Butters”. Same when I play it. 🙂

  15. *Listening along to the video at work*


    *panics, yeets laptop into a metal press we use for car bodies*

  16. Floods should auto repair in CVs.. and they should also introduce an auto heal, maybe something like a lifesteal, 20% of the damage done is healed. If the CVs HP is 100%, then he funnels the HP to his team8ts.

    Please buff CVs

  17. Thanks to you now i have motivation to play carriers agin! ^^
    Tho my favorte nation is Japan but i prefer german carriers

  18. [OAT] stef Your brOATher

    @Corentin Robin yup I agree but gotta beat copyright somehow and he’s always put this music in his vids

  19. Graf zeppelin is the wows version of a assault sniper goes running in with a sniper rifle and a shotgun

  20. its always fun to see the new merch lol

  21. @Corentin Robin this!!! my ears was bleeding.

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