World Of Warships Funny #51 – Torpedobeats Devastation

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The new World Of Warships funny and epic compilation full of devastating entertainment has finally arrived!

We have a lot of everything this time again. A lot of dodges, a lot of clutches, a lot of torp beats, a lot of dev strikes, a lot of detonations and a lot of hilarious situations all in one video for you!

Dive into this torpedobeat madness head first and enjoy!

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  1. Appreciate it, bud. Sorry for the mess youve gone through

  2. Thx for the last song, now I’m gonna have to listen to it on loop for the millionth time 😀

  3. great comp as usual last song is nice, even though I actually can’t remember why it sounds familiar to me😅

  4. So happy to see your content despite the Wargaming shenanigans they put you through. Cheers

  5. That St Vincent clip 😖 what a way to end. I was air clicking for you

  6. Well done, even sub clips. 👌😊
    Legal stuff, yikes… 👀

  7. Daniel really hit us with the PTSD inducing song

  8. Good to see you back

  9. Don’t forget to subscribe to Daniel’s 2nd channel as well: Daniel Rusev 2.0

  10. WoWs: Edgerunner edition 🤣

  11. Ľudovít Bradovka

    Jinan is the wows gattling gun

    Also my reaction when anhalt has aimbot: *in a screeching like voice* WHAT THE F**K ANHALT YOU NEVER HAD PHISICS LESSONS DID YOU WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

  12. well i gonna say that I-56 is really broken as f 908 dmg of secondary dang wargaming is a genius about belensk

  13. Роман Шундрик

    as always a masterpiece =) sweet babies and an epic ending to the music as always a masterpiece =) sweet babies and an epic ending to the music

  14. Good week with Dani chan and Yuro vids coming out. The weeb energy has been strong 🤣. Only wish that WG didn’t try to mess things up…but then that’s what they do.

  15. 9:55 Even enemy Daring is impressed !

  16. Edgerunners ending song for all interested.
    Great video as always Dani chan!
    ps: Respect + for this song

  17. Dude, the final song is literally an emotional backstab!
    Well done!

  18. 15:02 hell march cranks up, this is some top level meme potential

  19. 16:27 modified Morgana, just use Ayaka instead 4head.

  20. 12:45 this could be a part from some kind of war movie.

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