World Of Warships Funny #54 – Delete That CV

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The new World Of Warships funny and epic compilation full of devastating entertainment has finally arrived!
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Dive into this insane madness head first and enjoy!

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  1. I was wondering when the T10 CV Brawl would show up, and i must say as someone that also went MvR, you do exceed expectations by mile

    • This is the only place where MvR is still good sadly. I was initially going to make a whole vid for that brawl only but with my channel being demonetized I just decided to make 1 big video instead

    • @Daniel Rusev Understandable decision, and yeah it sad that its now only good in a game mode, which is only available for a limited time.

  2. awesome editing of the video , epic video keep me posted on the great content .

  3. Daniel, does Yodo stand for “you only die once”?

  4. Hey mate epic vid. Could you share the Coastline file so I could use it too?

  5. i wonder soe times when we will get a dani chan wallpaper for opera gx but i guess we have the perfect one always on this beautifull conten (bad english intended btw) thx for the great content you do make me feel better every time i see this videos even the music mi respect goes to you

  6. yess it finally out new funny momnets Good job Dani

  7. Got to love Richtofen transformers skin. Paint is starscream but the jets are skywarp, and thundercracker

  8. 0:27 For destroyers that get torpedoed by battleships there should be an achievement called “You Had One Job”.

  9. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck

    Give the carriers the pain that they deserve

  10. Moral of the story when it comes to the aircraft carriers, even if you’re in your own Richthofen, you already lost. Because Daniel is the master of the Richthofen. Love the compilations and the funny memes, Daniel. Keep fighting the good fight.

  11. Gibralter part made me spit my beer out!

  12. Recommend also subscribing for Dani’s second youtube channel, great games and doesn’t cost you anything… @danielrusev2.077

  13. EXOTIC BUTTERS! Had me!

  14. How does the aircraft carrier have jets!?!

  15. Eurobeat makes you go insanely fast even at 7 knots

  16. 3:15-3:30 Haha, you fool ! you have triggered my trapcards: Improved Pen-angles and Narrow Hull !

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