World Of Warships Funny #55

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The new World Of Warships funny and epic compilation full of devastating entertainment has finally arrived!

Dive into this insane madness head first and enjoy!

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  1. What a way to start the week watching some good Dani Chan vids

  2. 11:00 I wish a rematch against the Kaga, but the Kaga player will be Senpai_Silent :p

  3. whenever i see it im say i didnt know the galactic hero anime back when they were available. I liked it a lot and i dont have their voice overs now.

  4. It’s good to see some new Dani-chan art in this vid. Fun vid as always!

  5. Joseph Hungerford

    Awesome editing of the video keep up the uploading I’m very excited for more videos , lol I love the editing of the video.

  6. we really need your playlists on these videos !

  7. We need more people like the GZ, massachusetts and nebraska

  8. I waited 18min to see Secondary Graf Zeppelin in Brawls… You’re not disapPOInted me😂

  9. nice video, appreciate your work man

  10. 14:15 that match was meme worthy.

  11. GREAT Video Dan!
    “Wo alle Strassen enden…”
    Wusste nicht das du sowas in petto hast.
    Hör mal bei: ” Die Grenzwacht hielt im Osten dem Feinde lang Stand…”
    Wahnsinnsspiele, krass!

  12. Nice Video mate, i dont play the game, but love seeing you owning.

    One Question: Name of the song starting at 21:40? And who made the “Deutschland” Remix? Both great songs.

  13. This felt vintage and new at the same time. It was cool. <3

  14. Andrew Stephenson

    That Dani-chan ending animated wallpaper is top notch. That’s so cool.

  15. Admiral Prince Eric

    At least for Daniel Rusev playing Schlieffen looks amazing on the Brawls though. I just have myself to play ahead next time.

    I only need this ship for applying a Bonus Package to her in order to gain more credits to experience

  16. The CV player is such a smooth brain against the Mainz B.

  17. ahh yes the 1vs1 tier 8 brawl
    my biscuit was very happy
    they never knew how foul it is having a fully secondary build with Gunther lutjens
    and handling CVs ?
    man i just go straight to the CV while chatting with them without a care and just shotgun them
    but i do hate those subs
    also currywurst is the best on tier 10 brawl
    never have any defeat on it even a CV, kleber dev they just melt

    love your vids and you earned a sub, have a great day

  18. I love your videos I don’t miss any

  19. If world of warships ever adds anchor dropping to stop a vessel this man will be drifting the Yamato like it’s a destroyer

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