World Of Warships Funny #56

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The new World Of Warships funny and epic compilation full of devastating entertainment has finally arrived!
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  1. I hope you enjoyed this video and its awesome display of very balanced and definitely not shotgunning mechanics XD
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  2. You the best Dani!!! Keep going ham with the lit content👌

  3. one should only expect a quality vid from my goshujin sama xD

  4. Joseph Hungerford

    Awesome editing of the video , great stuff keep up the uploading Daniel pretty funny funny video

  5. Great and fun thanks !

  6. 12:14 Damage Saturation to the rescue!

  7. I need a list of all the songs used please 🙏

  8. jonatan schwindt

    Great video Daniel!!! As always… let make a massive petition to wargaming to make dani-chan an in game officer 😂😂

  9. Ľudovít Bradovka

    12:24 6 depth charges and you only lost 5k i think its fair that he remained alive

    • Exactly right? Daniel just tanked entire salvo of a weapon designed only for him

    • never mind that, realistically speaking (I almost typed that with a straight face…almost), it was common for a single charge to crack a sub open like an egg.

  10. Fun vid!! Any chance you could add the songs you’ve used to the description/ comments? Keep up the good work

  11. Which commander were you using for the Gato? Never heard that one before.

  12. lol Great work Daniel and Dani-chan!
    Love those moments when your kill is stolen.

  13. Fun as always.

  14. I think the only way to balance subs is to make them high skill required. Dumb fired torpedoes that only fire straight. And maybe slower speed underwater.

    • That won’t fix anything since you’re just gonna make ALL of them like the Gato: shotgun machines.

      Subs cannot be balanced, like CVs, they brake too many game mechanics because of the very fact that they are subs/CVs. You cannot balance planes because it’s by design that a plane can go anywhere very fast. You cannot balance a sub because it’s by design that it can disappear and launch devastating torps with impunity.

  15. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck

    5:00 the Kemlin never got sunk, because it never existed

  16. Riccardo Sparano

    20:00 wtf happened to those shells, they hit the rock exploding but kept flying through the enemy to just disappear in the void ahahaah GG WG

  17. i really enjoyed those sub-clips. gj there!

  18. Very nice video, enjoyable to watch, great music, great clips, shitting on players is always fun. 😁
    Well done, as always!

  19. I know it’s a video game – and an ‘arcade’ game at that. However, if you’re going to make 37 kt snorkeling subs in the WWII era, might as well give the battleships wings and put a dolphin-riding super-hero in there too.

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