World Of Warships Funny # 59 – Discombobulate

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World Of Warships funny and epic compilation full of devastating entertainment has finally arrived!

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  1. Joseph Hungerford

    Beautiful editing of the video , a great laugh of the video, awesome keep up the great content Daniel . Today is 🎂

  2. Guilherme Camargo

    Jäger + special european comander = the best thing in the world

  3. I hope you enjoyed this video guys! It took me a long time to edit it but I am really happy with the way it came together at the end!
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    • Hi Dani, are you looking fwd to cruiser captains getting the 20% secondary range commander skill back? (latest dev blog)… don’t think I heard you mention it in your daily wows youtube games on your second channel, so just curious if you had any thoughts re this.

    • That opening sequence with the Gdańsk was pure gold. When the Mino pops up at 3.8 kilometers and the old man squeals. I lost it. So good! I can’t believe you survived that.

    • Hi, how can i see my numbers of hours on WoWs ?

    • What is the name of the music at minute 9?

  4. 6:40 If I were that Mino player, I would’ve lost a LOT of nights sleep about that!

  5. Great animated end scene

  6. Keep up the great work 👍
    I love Dani-chan!

  7. That end screen port looks amazing

  8. The name shaming part is so much fun! 😁 The “I’m not gay” made my brain go to the “Scary Movie” moment, thanks for that, great movie. 👌
    Nice looking new art and an greatly entertaining video as always!
    I love Dani-chan 👀

  9. Ľudovít Bradovka

    Did you die?
    Daniel: Sadly, yes. BUT I LIVED!

  10. So funny loved it, an of course all hail Danni-Chan

  11. didnt expect that u’d survive that mino push. whats the name of your voice mod on your Richthoven, sounds like kiara. and most certainly do i love dani-chan! enjoyed all of your vids so far, keep it up. cheers!

  12. How you weren’t shot at by anything other than the Jager is a mystery for the ages.

  13. A Man with a Dream

    That was sooo satisfying to watch 😅😊🥰🧡

  14. Not only first ship is my favourite, it’s also my City <3

  15. Another great compilation Dani, always a pleasure to watch your work 🙂

  16. World of Warships - Best of Twitch

    Started giggling from the start, but I bloody lost it at 13:16. Always gets me, regardless how many times I watch it.

  17. Lewis Abercrombie

    Immediate like, that first minute and 40 seconds roughly is golden🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 please *DO NOT EVER* stop making this videos Daniel

  18. And just to make my day even brighter after coming off of Legends with some good wins myself, we get the torp-beater master uploading a new compilation video. Dude, how the HELL do you manage to torp dodge like that? Those are some inhuman reactions. Also, loved the opening section of the vid. The added memes had me dying. Great to see a few of your older memes get used again while also using some memes I’ve seen from War Thunder Youtuber Malzi. Great video as always, Daniel. See you on the next one.

    • Also, I think I have a couple ideas for some new Dani-Chan art. Now honestly, I don’t know whether it’s possible. If not, it’s no problem at all. The old “Worth it” meme you used to use, would that be possible? Another older meme would be that anime dude that laughed that evil laugh. I think you could make Dani-Chan be like that anytime you get a hard-hitting Dev-strike. And finally, the discombobulate meme that you put in this vid. The ‘Worth it” and “Discombobulate” memes might be a stretch, but the “evil laugh” meme seems doable. Let me know what you think, man. Cheers.

  19. Awesome editing, great new memes! Good job! I had to bend on my chair to laugh the entire video 😂

  20. I love this smug Dani-chan. One of my favs. @4:18 exact;y.

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