World Of Warships Funny 69 420 Subscribers Special – The Destroyer’s Menace

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Of course we have the obligatory GK dev strike, Zao being OP, detonations and Russian balancing so dont worry there is something for everyone here!

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  1. The 69420 sub special😂😂👌🏼

  2. Great video…I would like to have dani in my team every time XD then i dont need to worry about dds 😂😆

  3. Hope you get to 100,000 subscribers by Christmas

  4. Василий Сахаров

    Great Shima moments here, IJN Skill Wall goes brrrrrrrrrrr

    (still no AL Shimakaze pictures tho)

  5. 9:54

    Zao stronk ship, nerf immediately

  6. Zao citadells a smolensk?!

    Next patch Zao will be nerfed again

  7. we need the but shaking anime girl meme back for when ships try to broadside you or show you the back of their ship trying to angle but you citadel them anyway

  8. First time i enjoyed a Comerical, the music in the First 7 Minuten Killed me. Bit Great Video Daniel. XD

  9. I am proud

    Proud to see awesome DD skills. Well done Dani and congrats on the milestone.

  10. ahhh yes, my potato connection at 11:12 was glorious

  11. The amalfi scene and voldormort meme, properly placed and HILARIOUS!!

  12. You’ve been saving all the best music for this day haven’t you.

  13. 14:48 Reminds me of when I got close quarters combat on a smoked destroyer in a fucking Yubari. Same exact reaction and all!

  14. Shima vs Shima gun battle is like two infants slapping each other with twigs

  15. 2:00 was beautiful. The Halland and Austin were so eager to get him and both ended up eating metal fishes.

  16. Since when did Zao have bad AP? Like, what? IJN 8-inch AP was always pretty dman good, and Zao in particular has freakin great guns when it comes to the ballistics.

  17. Bismarck: Heals
    Daniel: Parry this you f*cking casual

  18. Emperor with Hirohito’s face always makes me laugh

  19. You know… until I started watching this channel, it never occurred to me to picture Ron Jeremy as a Sith lord. One can only imagine what he would use his powers for. 😀

  20. “Zao is the strongest battlecruiser in World of Warships” – Wargaming, probably

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