World Of Warships Funny – Asymmetric Battles Edition

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The long awaited Asymmetric Edition is finally here guys. Also made sure to be longer than anticipated.
I hope you will like the end ark with the funny dialogue. It may be an experimentation of mine but i am really happy about how it turned out to be.
Also made sure to please the dirty minded so do enjoy by all means hehehe

If you want to watch me play live on twitch, chat with me in my server or support me you can do so here:

I want to see how many will ask again for this even though its here….
Owari no seraph battle theme
MkAliez from Aldnoah Zero
Like a vampire nightcore
Hope is Alive
AcyOrt Aldnoah Zero
Die Woodys
Re Creators Battle ost
Unrest Romancer
Battle trough time
Mittsies Vitality from Helltaker


  1. Василий Сахаров

    Me: about to sleep
    Daniel: *”No, you ain’t”*

  2. Christopher McChesney

    Thank you for listing the music again!

  3. Forgotten as fast as it was produced? So basically it’s every other game mode.

  4. We listening Ruby chan’s Nightcore, I like that

  5. Player complains in chat that Asymmetrical Battles is a stupid mode.

    Yet there you are, playing it…

  6. You dont know how pissed I would be if I was killed by a bot that rushed me lmao

  7. The thing about bots is they have no tactics at all but they also don’t miss

    • Sounds like me, but with less slightly missing and slightly more tactic

    • Hey buddy, if WG makes bots only a little bit smarter in CO-OP, most of players will complain against difficulty level…

    • They had built in balistic computer. The thing is, if you’re killed by bots you’re more predictable than computer let alone human kek

    • @vexonica 02 boom roasted

    • vexonica 02 bots charge in and fire at the closest thing and won’t fire torps until like 3km out where they won’t miss.

      Any bot with a high DPM or high Pen ship will citadel/burn you down hard if you aren’t careful. DD fights especially where every hit counts they can usually duel a player and win because of their superior aim

  8. So this video confirms my theory that Daniel will never use ANYTHING other than German and Japanese ships. I feel bad for every other tier ship that he never plays with

  9. T5 vid of u steamrolling would be fun make part II with the lowest tear allowed

  10. Daniel: I dont need sleep. Its for weakness!
    Health: Am i joke for u?

  11. Graf Zeppelin is Dani’s waifu confirmed?

  12. What daniel has taught me, ‘there is no such thing as wasted firepower. It’s just a distraction.’

    • What I’ve been getting from him is that, yes, torpedoes can be dodged, and, yes, the classic broadside is still viable no matter your tier… even if conventional wisdom would dictate otherwise.

      Also that I need to play German ships and only German ships…

      And also that Graf Zeppelin is the only carrier worth using if you have the skill.

  13. I abused the Game mode to farm Richthofen for the next Ranked. With all special and economic signals it was done pretty fast.

    Sidenote: You can’t citadel Izmails with AP Bombs, it just overpens.

  14. confirmed bots are better than players XD

    postrcript: i already imagined daniel playing with the graf zeppelin

  15. Still trying to find out what is krul doing on the popcorn

  16. “The game mode is stupid”
    Ye, sound like your normal day MM, imagine being the only T6 in a T8 match, at least here you have your T6 gang with you and you can rain HE and farm the shit out of them using number difference .-.

    • I simply cannot cope with the changes made recently. At start it was challenging, but bots ruined T8 teams performances and so playing low tier was easy as breakfast. Then they altered it a little and added divisions for around 1 day and it was ok, but shortly afterwards they banned divisions again AND made it super hard for low tier to win – when you are 6-7 T7-T8 against 9 T5-T6, they don´t stand a chance much. So many low tier players quit.

      Not it´s somewhere between than it was – high tiers slightly around 2/3 of low tiers count, but two flaws out there – so little low tier counts, that you usually end up against full bot team. And the number of ship are still so in favour of high tiers; and I am not talking about classes. Going into battle with t6 DD, only to find out that on my side we have 6 DDs out of 10 ships and they have double cleveland…

  17. _”You utter fool ! German science is the world’s finest!”_

    *Indeed* 😂😎👍

  18. I’ve seen lots of BBs just charge in and eat torps from bots

  19. “Don’t work too hard okay~ or else…you-will-die.”

    – Prinz Eugen, Azur Lane

  20. Map: *exists*
    Anime girls: It’s free real estate

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