World Of Warships Funny – Best Of 2019

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When all funny and epic moments come in one 1 video!!!


  1. Ah, god, 360p club.

  2. Benefits of being awake at 2:40am before starting work 9am same day: Dani 2019 highlights reel

  3. That pirate music ate my ears XD

  4. 26:40 Is just Good Business

  5. Oh my lord the Hindenburg charge was insane.

  6. This is the best best of 2019 Video

    so far…

  7. Please, please we need to have your song list of your vids

  8. 16:11 I’m included ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. Awesome vid Dani. Great year with awesome moments. Keep them coming. Happy to have met you and call you my friend.

  10. Christopher Mavromatis

    Daniel coming around the corner in the Hindy with 4 ships targeting him reminds of the scene in Serenity when the fleet was waiting for the firefly on the edge of a nebula.

  11. First container: punie crate
    Second container: 1k doubloons

  12. I told you so moment

    Daniel rusev: plays tirpitz
    Me: noticed ship girl is bismarck

  13. 21:32 still best scene from the whole year (so far) – one of my most favourite brawls out there. damn entertaining no matter how many times i watch it. (plus… the “shoo” always gets me xD )

  14. Imagine this 2020 with a submarine best of Daniel vs 12

  15. I liked the part where you bragged about being a CC. Classy…

  16. DJAnarkros DJ & Youtuber

    Funniest thing of 2019 was the Xmas Puerto Rico event… wargaming are still laughing well into 2020…

  17. Hindenburg: a smaller großer kurfürst but with torps and faster rudder

  18. When someone says shoo to you daniel rusev make sure you kill them first

  19. Best rush: uses music from when he fought the champion yuro and then lost

  20. 26.50 love honor sotp enemy nice video myfren

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