World of Warships Funny – Best of Twitch 7

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A compilation of the best World of Warships Twitch clips from the first week of January 2020.

Description and timestamps coming in the next hour.


  1. I didn’t know that Dani has a camera now. Good job brain keep doing those videos

  2. I love these. Please keep making them lol

  3. Always a nice suprise to see which clip you are using. Again nice vid dude.

  4. Awesome video my bro, well done and keep going your awesome work!!! Much love from Greece!!!

  5. No I am not okay! Flambass 😀

  6. Always good to see the Peoples Rico being earned by Frag! Thats one clip I will always enjoy!

  7. Look mom! I’m famous!

  8. Nive dude!! Keep up the good work!!

  9. Oh god. The push me and BooomfunkMC did when he was in the Venezia at 13:43 … Man, one of our best moments in WoWs together. Did 300k damage combined on our flank…

  10. Keep up the good work!!! Nice job dude

  11. The next one is going to be lit thanks to Yashima.

  12. 8:22 JJ 2nd best Flolo weeb mod flamuPOI

  13. WTF since when do Conkek guns sound like mighty Yamato guns

  14. these videos are great to get to know some lesser known WoWS content creators

  15. Now u got an abo because i need this compilations

  16. Your compilations are great, plz keep them coming! 🙂

  17. ^The three stooogges lol

  18. Thank you for making these compilations, they are Amazing!

  19. Thank you for the kind comments, everyone! Much love and remember that Kremlin is not OP.

  20. Funny you didn’t point out that Des Moines @10:47 that I been watching on the mini map I have covered up.I know Montana don’t have radar.

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