World of Warships Funny – Best of Twitch 8

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A compilation of the best World of Warships Twitch clips from the first week of January 2020.

Description and timestamps coming in the next hour.

Top 20 most watched streamers of the month:

Most viewed clips of the week:

Featured streamers of the week:


  1. First comment! One of the best wows channels out there!

  2. Always the same level of quality 🙂 Thanks for your work 😀

  3. that gachi Sparta version on first Flamu clip… not sure how I feel about it… Jesus christ the degeneracy…

  4. Great video. Poor Kingpin.

  5. Great video as always!

  6. Great as Always sir , you make me laugh so dam hard that I fear I may pass out from lack of oxygen but it’s a risk I,ll take

    • That warms my heart, thank you very much. And, of course, the quality moments come from the streamers. 🙂 I just try to pick them out.

  7. 6:55 so it is a bug after all? Had that multiple times, thought its something at my end

  8. You are the best on this my bro keep going your awesome job my bro!!!

  9. Wargaming never promised that 460mm guns would remain the biggest in game and the only post related to this “promise” was a post from years ago saying they didnt have any plans to add anything bigger.

  10. Some rather tasty editing in this one boys!

  11. looks like i need ifhe for hindenburg to max its potential

  12. 14:36 some quality chat going on here. I rediscovered the blacklisting yesterday – that feels good.

  13. 10:57 “no joke”

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