World Of Warships Funny – BIG DAY SPECIAL

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A new world of warships funny compilation made with extra spicy memes and epic memes that is longer just for you!!!

I will make special ship giveaways on stream for the occasion so will be very happy if you join me!

If you would like to install world of warships and get extra rewards if you are a new player you can use this link:

If you want to watch me play live on twitch, chat with me in my server or support me you can do so here:


  1. Popcorn time! 🍿😋

    Graf Zeppelin for life!

  2. Happy B-day daniel!

  3. Shima cute humuhumu

    (Btw that kurfurst scene is really sad tho 12 shells but all fkin over pens)

  4. i die at that “Kirov reporting”

  5. Yay Smug Megumin is back! lol Great vid Daniel.

  6. This was hilarious, your videos keeps getting better and better. So happy to see Graf Zeppelin kicking asses again, would love to see more Tirpitz though… Please? 🥺

  7. Happy birthday Daniel hope today is a great day for you. Watching your videos are always fun

  8. Oh nice. My birthday is literally tomorrow. Happy birthday 🎂

  9. Tsuboi "Klein" Ryoutarou

    Had a blind torp sink and the other team reported me for hacking even though it’s a common route of travel. Some people just don’t understand that the norm is predictable.

  10. Happy Birthday and awesome clips as always. Graf Zeppelin Kraken added 10 years to my life. Thanks XD

  11. 3:53 stalinium can literally one hit anything

  12. The 109 / girl / GZ artwork is pretty cool

  13. I need the Scream video yoshino moments in 10:56 XD and the 15:00 song

  14. Thank you for putting all of the plane footage at the end.

  15. They also should make an anime skin for the Ohayo, I mean Ohio.

  16. 8:28 look at those planes taking off. Synchronized swimming 😂

  17. Ah Daniel-san xD
    Come for the memes, stay for the music!

  18. Happy birthday daniel you been an awesome youtuber, keep up the good work

  19. I’m just realize they add Submarine on Wows now ( I didn’t play wows for a year now! Yep, I’m gonna get a lot of torpedo when i get back )

  20. This man always can destroy enemy ship in one shot
    Nice skill bro.👍

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