World Of Warships Funny – Brawls 10.1 Special

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I put my everything, Literally my soul into making this one… In a lot of aspects it may well be the best world of warships funny compilation I had ever made so far.

I hope this will make up for the troubles caused when my channel got hacked.

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  1. World of warships jeeeeeeeaaaaaaa

  2. Nothing feels better than finally reaching the carrier and absolutely slautering it after withstanding abuse for 5 minutes!

  3. You were the chosen one!
    You were supposed to destroy the CVs not join them

  4. Hi hi, I’m the Tirpitz Drakoon and i can Say it : “YES I WAS MAD”
    It was terrible xD

  5. riane111 johnson111

    Nothing like Azur Lane music at the start of the video

  6. High quality content here

  7. the quote about the stupidity and the universum is from Albert Einstein.

  8. 13:08 Nice Hellsing reference

  9. 6:32 the moment after u are too confident in a dd

  10. I feel like Deku headbanging with his all might figure for “computer time” whenever daniel posts

  11. I played brawls on Saipan. My einrate was about 70% of 20 battles. They realy hated CV vs BB gameplay (On RU server nobody plays on CV in 1v1)

  12. Ah yes an aircraft carrier is supposed to have the best secondary accuracy instead of the good(now bad) Massa and the dead by fires, GK

  13. How the hell do you overpenetrate with a bomb, whats it gonna do go straight through the entire hull and explode underwater? I kinda have a feeling that would still get the job done regardless.

  14. That Tirpiz part… all the secondary shot missing a ship a few Kms away…

  15. Firestarter OnYouTube

    *sees the Thumbnail*

    Ah of course, how could I not have known?

  16. Who thinks Brawls is a good mode, like

  17. Dude, as with your other “funny” vids this is decent watchable content, but has ZERO humor lol

  18. Violated a battelship with a cruiser ✔
    Violated a Graf Zeppelin with a Graf Zeppelin ✔
    Violating a battle ship with a cruiser again ✔
    Violate another carrier ✔
    Violate a destroyer trying to torp you with torps ✔
    Violate a destroyet trying to torp you with torps again ✔
    Violate a destroyer with a auto secondaries ✔

    You have made a list I can’t be bothered to make…

  19. Damn this was a really good video. Also, does anyone know the music at 4:55?


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