World Of Warships Funny – Clan Brawls Special 2

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This 3v3 mode is the most fun thing about the game. It is super dynamic and I genuinely had a blast while playing it.

If you want to watch me play live on twitch, chat with me in my server or support me you can do so here:


  1. everything is fun when you have best ship for the mode lol..

  2. 41st live chat viewer, I’m just early and proud

  3. “It ain’t not time to die-”
    “The ship is on fire”

  4. i missed the 3v3s, last ranked season we had it it was a lot of fun

  5. Well now if it isnt Pommern-san back at it again

  6. Павел Хилько

    What is the name of the music that starts at 9:28?

  7. 2:37 nice turtleback you have there… it would be a shame if someone was to citadel you

  8. Oh Daniel, you know how to pull my strings. 15 seconds in and I’m going “DON’T LOSE YOU WAAAAAAY” 😀

  9. 9:20 “what are you?” – “an idiot sandwich.” KEKW ROFL daniel really knows how to put the best commentary into his vids

    • Enemy player feeds Daniel torpedoes around the side of an island. It works – bloop bloop. (“Awesome, let me poke out and see how hurt he is.”) Daniel’s torpedoes coming back around the side of the island. (Surprised Pikachu face)

    • @MedicineMan55 what was that saying again? what comes around goes around? … or something like that 😉

    • @Th. K. Heh… yup. Instant karma via metal fishes.

    • Ik that i must expect torpedoes soon but i still wanted to shoot so i goofed out and ate the torps. Well he did the same it seems xD

  10. Ship: gets close to Daniel

    Secondaries: *It’s treason then*

  11. “It aint our time to die” Im so freaking PROUD of [-TFD-] and [-TFD2]

  12. i kinda want to see a scene where daniel puts on the “ain’t our time to die” music then immediately just dies

  13. Where’s the playlist, Dani? You keep forgetting them.

  14. Gotta love it when they’re salty like that. You take victory and get their pride as a free bonus.

  15. How to calling Twobrother: EpiCenter… EpiC_Center , that a god name for a player needed :p

  16. These aggressive YouTube ad campaigns r starting to get under my skin.

  17. Pommern: almost dead

    Also pommern: “I didn’t hear no bell”

  18. Daniel: single handedly takes on the whole enemy team
    Me: “That’s got to be the best Captain I’ve ever seen!”
    Wargaming: slightly annoyed ” *So it would seem.* ”
    *Pirates of the Caribbean Music intensifies in the background*

    Loved the video Daniel! You do such a great job at brightening up my day with these funny moments on World of Warships, please don’t stop (No, that’s *not* What she said guys, okay!)

  19. Me when I see torpedos, ignore them get me closer to the enemy.

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