World Of Warships Funny – Clan Brawls Special

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I am planning 1 more video like this boys so stay tuned!
This 3v3 mode is the most fun thing about the game. It is super dynamic and I genuinely have a blast while playing it.

If you want to watch me play live on twitch, chat with me in my server or support me you can do so here:


  1. North Carolinian Mapping

    pls put the songs you use in the description

    also thats not me ok

  2. pls put the songs you use in your description

  3. Nice video, as always.

    However, I would appreciate if you turned the sound down when you use the song “You’ve got to believe”, because I could barely hear anything else.
    As mentioned in the chat, I’m here to listen to the guns roaring (not screaming singers XD).

  4. day is normal. daniel posts, finds video. day good.

  5. 2:21 yolo emilio

  6. Not even the win against ENUF in this clip

  7. That was some really sick gameplay dude =)

  8. I mean don’t get me wrong we love the videos just also love the epic music going with them I’d like to listen to some of that during my commute

  9. Also my clan didn’t understand why I always auto lock pommels for clan brawls then I started blasting

  10. 4:08 Lol. You chatted with the guy, and after this, you killed him…

    UPD: By the way, Daniel, are you going to play Cyberpunk and make a video of this?

  11. Daniel!! I’m still searching for the soundtrack starting at 4:02!! Someone help me😭😭😭

  12. Soundtrack at 4:02 please 😩🌸🦍💩

  13. Sorry Daniel, I have got to call you out. You haven’t been putting the songs in the description box below your videos. I suggest you pin them. On that video {World Of Warships Funny #32 – Torpedobeats Are Back On The Menu Boys} was the only one in recent times where I saw the song in the description. Pinning the comment will keep it up at top if I am not mistaken. Also that song for the opening WAS FREAKING EPIC! Also, no song on this one.

  14. Re: The guy asking that you put the songs you use in the description.

    I like the implicit recognition that he (and his hapless teammates) are about to end up in a video montage.

  15. Apex legend season 7 trailer song 08:00

  16. For the ones looking for songs. The electro music with organ is done by Fractal Dreamers – Scarlet Night

    I join my fellows, musics in the description so we can enjoy

  17. “most of them are in the description i think”
    thats a nasty lie over there

    • I spoke for that specific video xD… For that one they are but no one checks so here i am not including them anymore if people wont look anyways…

    • ​@Daniel Rusev anyway i really beg you to put songs you are using, belive me you are gonna make someone’s day

  18. When you’re in a Texas look behind you???

    Edit: I just remembered there’s an aircraft carrier called the Ranger, missed opportunity.

  19. Actually yeah can you put the songs you use in the description

  20. Never ask
    -a woman: her age
    -a man: his salary
    -Daniel: why he doesn’t put the songs he uses in his video descriptions

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