World Of Warships Funny Clan Moments #3

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A new world of warships funny compilation made from my fellow clanmates epic moments is here so lets go!!!

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  2. 【ѲΣ】 SтєιηѕƓαтє

    A la madre una canción en español de cierre, toda la comunidad hispana se siente honrada

  3. I’m writing this comment while I’m only at 16 seconds in the video and I’m already dying 😂😂

  4. Watching the Thunderer get erased made my day lmfao 🤣

  5. rip elbing, old friend and selfless teammate 🙁

    will not forget your sacrifice 😭

  6. I mean that Elbing would die anyway, at least he was to some use

  7. The sound of Kremlin´s guns is amazing !

  8. 7:15 surprised to see Glitch Techs frigging ANYWHERE. Much appreciated for a good show.

  9. Daniel i have question. A lot of people are asking about music, dont get me wrong thoes songs are a blast just finding them is a problem. If can i ask you if you can to put titles of songs in a descrypcion or in a coment? Well as i said S+ selection of them but it whoud help us your subscribesr and others to enjoy that music more. Great content as allways. Ofc if you dont mind.

  10. not the lambada we wanted, but the lambada we deserved


  11. 0:00 is all I needed to hear to know that this was gonna be a killer video 👀👍👍👍

  12. 9:40 Nice turtleback armor you got there ! It would be a shame if someone completely ignored it at close range….

  13. I don’t know how your videos can be so annoying and so hilarious at the same time ya bastard. Keep it up!

  14. oh man that thunderer. i could not stop laughing

  15. 14:17 How was that a dev strike? It had about an eighth of its health left.

  16. 1:08 100% torpedo protection

  17. 8:04 Is its citadel really that big or is that some sort of desync ? 3 ctiadels a fair bit in front of the front guns ? Damn

  18. Love watching new funny moments😂👍😎

  19. Io Fleming [ Moore Brotherhood ]

    0:05 can we just appreciate how close to perfection that volley was to match the beat?

  20. Hey Daniel. It’s good to see you back

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