World Of Warships Funny Clan Moments #4

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I hope you enjoyed the new video because there are more coming!!!

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  1. Awesome videos as always Dani good job👍😎

  2. I would come over, but I’m NA for life.

  3. The Secondary kill on that Sub was just fucking hilarious.

  4. Awesome videos and job Danny-chan!!

  5. nice to hear a old swedish song.. “Ghunther” 😀

  6. i felt that first one😵 i’m a Marlborough main😅

  7. Hits to citadel are fair and balanced as usual

  8. Why I love the Massachusetts on display right there.

  9. Open question to anyone, but did wg change the “no detonations on ships with more than 75% hp” thing?
    Seen lots of examples recently that seem to defy that. Admittedly I don’t pay close attn to dev blogs so I either missed it, or am just mistaken somehow with what I’ve seen.
    o7 daniel/all

    • WG has not changed that however I see a lot of situations that seemingly defy it. No explanation for that tho….

  10. 11:39 the time daniel’s teammate come to help him its look so cool

  11. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck

    0:00 Ding Dong Song (not sure what remix)
    4:37 Wellerman Nightcore remix (And again Perfect Shot timing With the beat of the song
    7:03 Erika
    7:45 Dorime
    (These are the songs I Know)

  12. The best way to kill a DD is firing HE right?

  13. Anybody got a link to the really cute version of Wellerman Daniel keeps using? I wanna give it a full listen.

  14. Did I just watch a T7 Atlanta go to town on a T10 Petro? o.O How did that happen? lol

  15. So basically every clip is a dev strike or double strike with music and an anime character on the map, with a pause at the end showing the citadels, or whatever might be relevant to the clip. Every single time.

  16. That secondary kill… that guy must be a nood because coming close to a Graf Zeppelin with so little health is just asking to get one shot.

  17. Ethan Gavril Moreno

    that was unexpected.
    but that’s nothing compared to me using a Wichita against an Atago and citadelling each other to death.

  18. What’s the name of the song after 4:37? I like the remix. thanks for the videos you post

  19. Always love to see the great content Dani! (was fun to help out)

  20. That blind torp with the Atlanta, prefect use of the ‘You are already dead’ clip.

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