World Of Warships Funny Clan Moments #5

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The new wows funny clan compilation is here!
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I hope you enjoyed the new video because there are more coming!!!

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  1. Great Video Daniel!!

  2. nice the video starts with a banger music from the Knight of Sidonia Anime

  3. If it’s not overpowered I don’t play it.

  4. LMAO all those detonations xD but the funniest was that U-190 sinking from Kaga torps because he forgot he is a submarine and can dive out of the way lol

  5. Damn shame we don’t get det flags anymore

  6. CesarinPillin Gaming

    That marceau was a plant! XD

  7. Georgiii Vaampire

    The Moskva met the same fate as the current IRL one YEP

  8. Enemy Marceau turned off his brain. Like that was ultra idiot mode.

  9. 4:21 My favorite commander in the game. The Mighty Jingles.

  10. how to do hire the paid actor and how do you apply and finaly an Indian meme song got used

  11. 0:35 is that bots? xd

  12. Nobushino_Oda 04

    when i watch i realize a familiar song and it’s a song from LoL. Nice job Daniel

  13. one of these days dani will put the music list in his description… right?

  14. I so need your spotify playlist

  15. What is the song you have playing when you torpedo the sub?

  16. do you recruit in SEA server or just EU?

  17. 8:40 song please , Also dani cann you post some music in like comment what you use ? you have great choice of music in your video

  18. Hii guys best and nicee funny videoo 😀 And 0:03 , 4:15 , 8:23 , 10:06 , 11:32 music pls guys <3 🙂

  19. WTH at 9:05, did the guy drop his mouse!?

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