World Of Warships Funny – Daniel and Yuro = The A Team

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  1. I am really thankful to Yuro for the games and i hope we will play together again. And yes of course it was a ton of fun with a lot of hilarious situations so if you like me and him having 1vs1 battles and playing together ftw i can make more similar content!
    I hope you have enjoyed it as much as i did!

  2. How early am i!?

  3. Me: *Spawns into the match*

    Also me 30 seconds later: *Gets blind fires and detonated by one shell without being spotted* I know your pain my dude

  4. Well that was entertaining, glad I found this channel.

  5. Daniel please keep the links of songs(specially the intro song)that you keep use in your videos.
    BTW keep up the good work

  6. I was the nc im still sad about that. If feels weird being in a video i watch

    • Hahaha Ik the feeling…Well I fucked that up tbh…I should have finished you with my main guns not with torps…If I didnt have turtleback armor I would have died XD

  7. Well would you look at that, the rivals have joined together in one match, I smell some serious Yaoi shipping coming from the fans.

  8. you are my idols, but yuro is my first idol :v
    from you guys i can learn to use german battleship correctly
    thanks 🙂

  9. As always, the selection of music is as sweet as Baby-Yoda 😉

  10. Best duo of the year, hands down

  11. Skeith Aurelius-Mixer

    I swear everytime I start to watch his videos he’s always on fire FOR THE EMPEROR LOL

  12. You missed a great pun “I’m the weiner!” not winner, SHAME!
    still amaze video tho 😛

  13. like that you two just started ragnarock

  14. 0:54 anime from the girl on the right

  15. Imagine joining a game only to see both Daniel and Yuro on the enemy team.

    *Guys? I think we’re dead.*

  16. Eyy man I’m good friends with the EGO bois

  17. One of the things I like about the WOWS community is a lot of the CCs and YouTubers do know each other and enjoy the game together rather than arguing or engaging in toxic rivalries. Great stuff, thanks.

  18. Still doesn’t link the music >:C

  19. I played with Ryan_RP with my friend, he is a really skilled player. He with a Stalingrad took out half health off a Yamato and a FDG to 3 4th health. Really skilled player you should play with him more. In training battle of course.

  20. god the Aldnoah Zero music takes me back now i gotta rewatch it

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