World of Warships : Funny & Epic moments 8

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00:00 – 02:35 Kevin MacLeod – Merry
02:36 – 05:25 Unfragment Instrumental + Romaji
05:37 – 09:44 Touhou 15.5 – Inchlings of the Shining Needle ~ Little Princess (Shinmyoumaru Sukuna)
08:11 – 08:22 A-One – One-Way Highway (Touhou Eurobeat)
09:46 – 10:52 Dance Till You re Skraa
10:55 – 12:15 RussianBias.mp4
12:16 – 13:44 Ninja Troll Song


  1. No̡N̶͜a̷̛m̴̕e̴ N̡o͟͡͠l҉̵a͜sţn͘a̕͜m̷e

    3:05 that my kill holy…..

  2. 3:08 reminds me of the time when i missed an entire salvo from one of my BBs at a DD at medium short range (i think around 10 km), except for a single shot that was WAY off from where I aimed, like 1 km off, that hit and sunk the DD I was shooting at. Go figure, and the guy was going, off all the shots that hit me, it had to be the one that went way off course. lulz

  3. 4:44 glorious!

  4. Let’s be honest here, Conqueror can kill everything, not just DD. There’s a reason people demand a nerf from Cinqueror and Lion, or more, remove them from the game. 😉

  5. Btw, mind telling me where that girl who twirls both of her fingers is from? The one with the red eyes and black-and-white outfit?

  6. 11:17 WTF??????

  7. the molotov is burning to death, coincidence, I think not

  8. When Des Memes is the one getting memed :3

  9. 11:40… where is the eurobeat 🙁

  10. Quality kills LUL

  11. Who is the redhead girl you always use? I find her funny XD

  12. great vid m8

  13. Is the Musashi worth it?

  14. Nice vid, but the Atago bit annoyed me

  15. Haha the damage saturation at 13:10, l2torpdrop

  16. You may be god at atago, but wait till my cleveland goues up to tier 8, then we shall see who is the master of tier 8 at pretty mutch everything (i am a open beta veteran)

  17. Didn’t realize the Shima kill me last time was u Holyship :^) Anyway – Nice play – Hope I can div with u sometime :3

  18. Hello, I have question about soundtrack, exactly about Little Princess between 5:37-9:44. I wonder, what version it is, because I’m pretty sure it is not original, but it is so damn good.

  19. 12:10 if it was me i will told the torpedo to hurry the f up

  20. really love to watch your video plz keep up

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