World Of Warships Funny – *EPIC* SPECIAL

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  1. Look Daniel I think you have interrupted my gaming or watching a different video 3 times now STAP IT REEEEEE

  2. When daniel releases a special *sonic boom to pc*
    This does put a smile on my face

  3. I hope you all liked the radioactive vodka skit at the end XD

  4. Daniel is there a trick to hitting the citadel or are you just really good well that second ones still true either way but

    Anyway great videoing gave me a good laugh

    • Tonnes of gameplay till something like that happens randomly, I guess (and yeah.. plenty of skill too)

    • Aim at the waterline. Usually BBs have their citadels underwater. Make sure your shells hit relatively in the middle of the ship. Cruisers, on the other hand, aim somewhere between the deck and waterline, but not too centered (for me the shells tend to bracket said ship) or dead center, depends on your rng. Look up each ship’s armour layout and you’ll have a rough estimate of where the citadel is

    • Adeptus Mechanicus

      You can view any ship in their respective nation’s tech tree and use the armor layout to study it’s citadel location and the amount of armor you’ll have to penetrate to score a sucessful citadel hit. BE WARY: citadel hits are only scored when your AP round detonates inside it, overpens DO NOT count towards the citadel damage calculation and ribbon. About the skill part, yes, it comes with enough experience in the game, knowing your ship’s capabilities as well your enemies weaknesses.

    • All the guys here are correct.
      You need tons of experience, knowledge and some luck with the RNG of course XD

  5. Enemies: Well,,, how does it feel alone while watching your comrades die *Maniacal laughter*

    Mommy G. Kurfurst: *Ara Ara~ observed child*

    *Record Conversation before disaster*

  6. Whats the outro music sounds epic!!

  7. EPIC!!! the most intense match i ever had was in my mogami. and tbh it was in wows legends. but damn that was a a hell of a fight too!
    i got the video on my channel if anyone is interested

  8. On a side note, I do want to say I like seeing you use the Halo font. IDK why but it’s oddly fitting.

  9. That moment when Daniel gets serious, the impossible happens

  10. Красивая игра , молодец, да и вообще отличные видео выкладываешь

  11. 6:51 i died xD

  12. Finally ranked out of that hell hole yet somehow better players are found in tier 8 than the tier 10 version….

  13. “Fine, I’ll do it myself” :DDDD

  14. ahhh the old penta kill from league of legends

  15. Daniel is one of the most underrated channels out there! Damn your soundtracks are on point, its so immersive

  16. Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn

    Using Cephei’s music “Battle in the Sky”? Now we just neex a situation for you to use “The enemy shall nor pass”.

  17. Бейтула Османов

    Варна Бургас Даниел е с нас!!! ???

  18. When I grow up I want to play like you

  19. Tribbles the Unfortunate

    ship mate “sir, our entire team just got wiped out”.
    captain “quickly, deploy Daniel Rusev’s super patented cowabunga team killing manevours”.
    tactical officer “ah ah sir … enemy team destroyed”.

    XD got to love daniel for those sweet sweet cowabunga moments

  20. Enemy team: yeah we have them now

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