World of Warships – Funny fails & moments compilation Episode 22

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Another SPESHUL COMPILATION for you. Done in the similar style as the previous one and by the same editor, since that’s what you voted for 😉
I hope you enjoy it and have fun time watching. Make sure to leave a like/dislike and a comment in the comment section below.
Thank you for watching 😉

I do not own any of the songs being played.
Song at the outro: TheFatRat – Jackpot (Jackpot EP Track 1)


  1. Ok flambass…

    You became officialy the weeb (man of culture).

  2. the outro screen is so painful to look at lol

  3. @flambass that 1v1 will haunt me throughout my life FlambaFML

  4. I like this episode much more than the earlier one 😁

  5. Joey Strittmatter

    Get ride of that wireless Mouse and it might fire when you tell it to lol

    • internet is 1000000000000x more likely to cause delay than a mouse. A mouse always has the same delay and a game connection can stutter

    • @Leonox Apparently your wireless mouse was a top notch product, way above what a broke student could afford 🙂 Mine wasn’t found in a garbage bin, but boy – was it bad. I felt real relief after coming back to the realm of tailed table rodents 🙂

    • @Leonox not true, there are lots of things that can interrupt or degrade a bluetooth connection. Ever had a garbled phone call on a bluetooth headset? Any wireless signal has to transfer through air, metal, desk etc… there is a reason pro gamers all use corded to decrease latency and lag. Also why you game on direct connection and not wireless signal. Corded is always faster

    • Are wired mice *really* faster?

    • @Arnaud Delacroix not necessarily faster but without doubt more stable

  6. 9:50 a new form of torpedo beats?

  7. Reticulated Spline

    11:50 We could always use more of this.

  8. More of this, well done, and spliced together very well.

  9. Banzaiii!!! But seriously i thought it would do more damage 😭

  10. Flambass gives the CV extra XP by ramming… “Lol bullied haha”

  11. That was fun lol but why is everybody suddenly using Diddy Kong Racing soundtrack? Did it become free or something?

  12. Atago banzai is best banzai…
    But that ram… was… a bit disappointing, it barely did any damage

  13. 0:38
    You’re a wizard, Harry

  14. So glad that SPESHUL! Moment got its time in the sun. 0:33 if anyone is confused.

  15. I really liked this episode, definitely smiled a lot and laughed out loud.

  16. Jimmiar Reltherford

    That evil smile at the end will give me nightmares XDXD

  17. if the map looks like a guy sniffing butt, i lose.

  18. Flambass, I have a question for you. I have a Mogami and i want to know if i should keep the 155’s or go with the 203’s and what should i do when im bottom tier. What is your play style in the Mogami?

  19. I remember a few years ago you were having horrible rng and started praying to rn-jesus. A bunch of your followers started gifting subs to anyone who had rng or luck in their name

  20. 6:38: Let’s be honest. That was pure karma.

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