World of warships funny fan moments #2

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The vid is here!!! You send the world of warships vids and I meme the sh*t out of them thats what this is about!!!


  1. Niels Blankenstijn

    12 seconds ago….. nice

  2. Admiral Hipster for the win

  3. Ah, I see Daniel is man of Tsundere

  4. That Hipper is OP 😉 Awesome vid Daniel

  5. What is that consumables reskin mod name in krasny Krym clip?

  6. Au nom de la commu française bravo pour la qualité de t’es vidéo ??

  7. Eugen : You Flat Blond Tsundere

  8. 0:38 cruelty to underage boat?

  9. Игорь Серов

    What’s the music in 4:07?

  10. 1:18 what you expect in real life

    1:16 You sink: in real life

    Tirpitz had a torpedobelt so strong it was immune to torps. It got sunk by lucky tallboy hits from the raf after 33 attempts and it got torpedoed a lot without damage, she was made to sink destroyers, shoot squadrons down and sink bb’s, while being as fast as a cruiser.

    Tirpitz and Bismarck were “made to rule the waves, to rule the waves and lead the kriegsmarine, to rule the seven seas!!” – Sabaton

    Together in real life together with scharnhorst gneisenau and prinz eugen would be undefeatable.

  11. Nikola Pjanović

    I hear Witcher 3 music, I upvote!

  12. hehe, that tsundere Hipper be like: its not that i want to give you a fishy present or so *pouts*

  13. Nice vid Daniel! That Hipper clip was epic, and I liked the Krym one too.

  14. So…I just see you here on YT. Should we do anything on some other website ? How ? Ciaoooo

  15. Michael Søndergaard

    hahahahaha cant understand how i could have missed this one!!

    and someone PLEASE tell me which Mod is used at 4min40sec. the one where you can see the angle of enemy ships!!!

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