World Of Warships Funny Fan Moments #3

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Dont worry guys many more are coming!


  1. Schrödingers Katze :3

    does somebody know with waht he is editing those vids

  2. 4:40
    Best low and mid tier camo

  3. That Leander clip absolutely cracked me up

  4. Make a compilation of u failing or some type of behind the scenes with fails.

  5. Well the next thing we are going to hear from wargaming is that the kgv is getting nerf beacuse too op and russia not

  6. Michael Søndergaard

    omg. the leander one. that was insane. and this one in neptune. i would have died 1000 times over. but then, wouldnt be alive that long in a game to be one vs two bbs and for sure not be able to rush and kill them. great job to you all. freethebrain. you rock:-)
    daniel my boy, you sure know how to do it:-)

  7. 3:32 Rewriting history, one citadel at a time

  8. I feel that enemy teammate’s pain at 6:35. Two BBs vs a half-dead Neptune, and they both screw the pooch and get torped.

  9. 5:04 is that an MW2 loading screen from the campaign I see? 🧐🤔🤭

  10. 4:30 damn a Xaolin Showdown meme. I’ve never seen one before but it fits.

    Also major props for knowing Xaolin Showdown.

  11. I did the same thing as the first clip (the KGV citdeleting a Sinop), but I did it in a New York.

    I’ll take my internet points to go.

  12. Nobody is born cool, except

    People who include most of the meme In there WOWs video’s

  13. 5:36 Shadow Fight 2 OST – Old Sensei

  14. “What Omi did to that sentence is what we’re gonna do to you.” XDDD

  15. 5:40 — “Captain! We are about two engage two battleships captains with a total of three brain cells between ’em!”

  16. Unbelievable incompetence.

  17. 5:20: If I was that Aigle, I wouldn’t even be mad. That is just too magical a thing to not make you laugh.

  18. That Detonation on the Aigle xDDD Cant stop loooooling around on the couch … that guy in the Leander rolled a 20 with a normal 6 side Dice

  19. Dances with Tomahawks

    What music is playing in HMS King George V’s clip??

  20. 5:22 lol… I once got a close-quarters expert with my yubari XD

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